Business Video Alternative to Vimeo and YouTube

Why not to host videos on Vimeo and YouTube ?

Vimeo and YouTube have a free offering to help consumers and businesses host videos on either their own platform or on Vimeo/ YouTube directly. Still, many times businesses tend to choose options other than Vimeo and YouTube to better fulfill their requirements and make large revenues.

7 Reasons to choose VdoCipher instead of YouTube or Vimeo ?

  1. Secure Video Streaming

    Viewers can easily download videos from Vimeo and from YouTube,  using so many free tools, downloaders, plugins and hacks. VdoCipher encrypted video streaming ensures 100% download protection from piracy.

  2. Customers & Testimonials Ease of Video Management

    Vimeo and YouTube do not provide detailed aspects related to custom Video deletion, ID management, upload from server, FTP, URL, Dropbox or Tag-based video management. VdoCipher offers all these features through APIs and GUIs.

  3. Custom Bitrates , Custom player themes & controls

    Vdocipher unlike others allows you to set custom multiple bitrates, using a full enterprise level encoder for all devices. The Vdocipher player can be modified by developers to change controls, add call to actions, change color and fully provide the desired look and interaction.

  4. Enterprise level variety of APIs

    Sometimes, as part of your video hosting requirements you may require your customers to upload to a mid way portal and to manage streaming. Upload, embed, tagging, watermarking, security, user based authentication, licensing, lot of things need to be managed in an API workflow. VdoCipher is far ahead of vimeo or youtube in API offerings.

  5. Analytics

    Data for details of video playback, seek, pause, viewer variety, demographics, is what enterprises are looking through GUI and APIs. VdoCipher again one step ahead in fulfilling analytics requirement than its competitors.

  6. Specific solutions for education & media

    VdoCipher is inherently built for businesses. Due to vast experience of providing full packaged solutions to online education and media customers, the understanding and implementation is quick and revenue effective.

  7. Great Support

Email, phone, site chat , 24*7 availability for emergency cases, is what vdocipher strives for. Customers look to vdocipher for an awesome support and is thus far more reliable then its free competitors like vimeo & youtube.

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