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Top 10 WordPress Plugins For eLearning

Starting out with creating your WordPress online course, but confused about which plugins for eLearning to choose from?

Not sure which functionalities are necessary and which functionalities are optional?

In this blogpost I walk you through the most important WordPress plugins for eLearning course developers to choose from.

First I proceed with how you should evaluate your requirements in designing the course.

Learning Management System (LMS) plugins for eLearning

The most significant features that an LMS must have is for you to be able to:

  • Give learner flexibility to pace their course as per their wish – self-paced course
  • What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get Interface, to put minimum effort into using the interface
  • Making complete course catalog, so that all the course information is collected at one location
  • Automated User Enrollment and Status of course progress – completion status
  • Course Reports for course creator to review how a course is progressing
  • Learner feedback – Course Surveys and System Announcements – These are essential for the instructor to continually improve the learning experience
  • Learner’s access to course transcript and course progress – Learners should have knowledge about their course progress as well
  • Learner access to changing profile

Apart from these there are a number of other features that you may wish for, which would include

  • Creating multiple course levels – so that there may be content-lite and content-heavy memberships
  • Creating certificates of completion for learners that complete their course – certificates are a strong motivation for learners, as they provide tangible proof of the skills learnt
  • Automating user access control – Restricting access to content and granting access to content depending on user level
  • Generating course and user reports for course administrator
  • Creating dripped content for controlling user progress in course – To control rate at which learner accesses the course, create dripped content tool

WooCommerce Sensei

Sensei Plugin for eLearning

Sensei comes from the stable of WooCommerce, who are experts in developing eCommerce WordPress Plugins. Sensei is priced at $129 for a single-site license. This WordPress plugin for eLearning is a simple and effective interface for making courses, as the course, module, lesson and quiz sections can all be created with a lot of ease. The interface is essentially What-You-See-is-What-You-Get. Because of its compatibility with all WooCommerce plugins, and because of an interface that gets most things done easily and quickly, Sensei is our top-rated Learning Management Solution plugin.


Learndash plugin for eLearning

Learndash specializes in E-Learning solutions, meaning that they have developed their LMS WordPress plugin for eLearning keeping in mind any features that an education LMS must require.

SCORM is a collection of standards for eLearning, which state how the LMS must package user learning content. SCORM standards ensure portability of learner information across different LMS. Tin Can API has now replaced SCORM as the new standard for educational content designed in a portable way. Learndash supports Tin Can API plugin.

Learndash have tried to make a complete marketing and product solution- they have their own membership solution, and have an integrated payment processing setup. The flip side of being an all-in-one solution is that this do not allow much scope for customization. On the other hand they have an active community support forum.

Essentially Learndash is optimal for developing detailed and academic-level eLearning solutions, where little customization is required.

WP CourseWare

WP Courseware plugin for eLearning

WP Courseware is a lightweight wordpress plugin for E-Learning, whose strong point is that it integrates fairly easily with other WP Plugins. Likewise with this WordPress plugin you get a large varieties of customization options. An important plugin that WP CourseWare can integrate with is Membership Pro, which is the most popular membership wordpress plugin.


LearnPress plugin for eLearning

LearnPress is offered as a free plugin, and includes both free features and premium add-ons.

Premium add-ons apply for:

  • Gamifying the course – adding points for learner activity
  • Generating certificate
  • For Integration with WooCommerce, PayPal and Stripe
  • Integrating with Membership 2 Pro


LifterLMS plugin for eLearning

LifterLMS is another lightweight E-Learning solution, that is very easy to use. Key features include:

  • Integration with WooCommerce and BuddyPress support
  • Support for certificates
  • Supports both Stripe and PayPal
  • Supports course scheduling and prerequisites

Membership WordPress Plugins

Membership 2

Membership 2 WordPress Plugin

Membership 2 is the most widely used membership WordPress plugin. This is a free software, but has a paid pro version that offers added features.

Membership 2 is designed for ease-of-use for the beginner. It has a how-to guide to get you started with creating the course. Also Content access control and protection is made very easy with this plugin – for each lesson/ course you create you can select which membership levels to grant access to. Also Dripped content management is made very easy, and can be done on the same interface as the content protection. This makes managing your course much less complicated.

The pro version of Membership 2 integrates with both PayPal and Stripe payment solutions

WP eMember

WP eMember WordPress Plugin

Where Membership Pro relies on an easy-to-use interface and a free introductory membership plugin, WP eMember offers a robust membership WordPress plugin that offers both content protection and a large number of additional features, making this a great option for anyone looking for a complete WordPress membership plugin.

Using this wordpress plugin, it is easy to create multiple membership levels, and to grant differential access for different membership levels. Also in-page partial protection is available via easy to use shortcodes. Additional options include options to limit user access to minimize password sharing – effectively minimizing content piracy. Also there is support for Drip Content, which limits access to users based on their drip learning schedule.

eCommerce WordPress Plugins

eCommerce plugins can come quite handy for you in managing your course inventory, if you are selling multiple courses. An eCommerce plugin is not necessary for the new E-Learning developer, but if you wish to manage multiple courses, an integrated eCommerce plugin can come in quite handy for managing inventory.


WooCommerce WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce wordpress plugin offers hundreds of extensions and themes, that make it quite easy to  available for WooCommerce, which makes it easy to add new features to your eLearning site. If you have worked on WordPress previously and are comfortable with the technical details of using WordPress, this WordPress Plugin is the best eCommerce solution for you.


Shopify wordpress plugin

Shopify has a very easy interface, and is great for beginners who do not wish to go into technical details of using WP. It has a monthly subscription fees, but is worthwhile to use because of its hassle-free interface which allows you to get on with developing your course content without worrying about the technicalities. This WordPress plugin works with social networks such as Facebook Store, Buyable Pins and Twitter Buy buttons

WordPress Plugins for Videos


Content security and smooth streaming are two integral features that any WordPress plugin for eLearning must offer. VdoCipher offers an easy to use shortcode, and is a complete video hosting solution. In VdoCipher one-time access is only granted to a fully encrypted stream after backend authentication from the host website, meaning that video security is maximized. VdoCipher has a 10 min install ready to go live plugin for all elearning video wordpress sites.

Custom Video Player

Package Video Streaming Solution

WP eMember as WordPress Membership Plugin: User Management Tutorial

In this post we will describe in detail one of the most popular WordPress membership plugins – WP eMember. Membership plugins are extremely useful in that each membership corresponds to an assigned role, that determines access to content and other features that you may offer as part of your eLearning course. Using this WordPress membership plugin would help you in deciding what content to provide to which category of learner. Control of access to content eventually determines that you are able to monetize the content that users access. Per user restriction on login time & preventing unauthorized access so that one paid member has maximum restrictions from sharing the credential is also discussed.  We have given the links to external plugins at end.

Specific case of protection for video membership site is also written in brief at end. Overall aim of the article is to ensure that maximum revenues from your content reaches you while you are able to continuously grow your subscriber base. 

WP eMember, WordPress membership plugin

WordPress user access management

Wordpress Membership plugin is one of the most popular free membership plugins. This is the wizard page in the plugin, and guides you about how to use your site.

WordPress Membership plugin is one of the most popular free membership plugins. This is the wizard page in the plugin, and guides you about how to set up your eLearning site.

WP eMember

WordPress eMember is a plugin that helps you manage memberships to your content. eMember offers various customizations – including integration with WordPress so that any account created for eMember would automatically make a corresponding WordPress account. You may make multiple membership levels depending on the level of access decided for the user. For example for a basic trial access to the site you may give users free access to a certain amount of content, or for a limited period of time. For this a free membership may be created. 

WP eMember plugin - a WordPress Membership Plugin

Selective content protection and access

To protect content you can use two methods

  • Enabling custom protection and access through dashboard
  • Using shortcodes
Custom Protection
  • To enable general protection, go to the “WP eMember” button on the WordPress sidebar, and in the drop down menu go to “Membership Level” button.
  • From here go to the “Manage Content Protection” tab. Click on “Custom Posts” to see all the posts that make up your content. To protect some or all of these posts, select them and click on the “General Protection” option in the drop down menu at the top of the page. General Protection restricts access to all the posts that you select (you can select all posts or pick specific posts for protection). 
  • After access restriction, the next step is to grant access according to the membership levels. For this go to the same drop down menu as the General Protection option, and select each membership levels. The resulting files will be files that are restricted from access.
  • You can select the files for which you want to grant access , and after selecting, click the “Grant Access” button. You can make various membership levels, each differentiated by the number of pages that access is granted to.
Using shortcodes

Alternatively, partial content protection may be implemented using this wordpress membership plugin. For this you can make use of shortcodes to grant partial access to pages. Suppose you have two membership levels, Membership Regular and Membership Lite. You might wish to grant access to only the Membership Regular users, having level id 4. For this you can use the shortcode:

“[emember_protected for=4]”


Suppose that level id 3 corresponds to Membership Lite. You can grant access to a section to both Membership Regular and Lite users. To do that you can enclose it in this shortcode:

“[emember_protected for=3-4]”

Note that membership levels to which access is to be granted are added using the dashes. Without specifying the membership ids, ie “[emember_protected]” – content is limited to logged in users only, including free registered users.

General eMember settings

WP eMember offers multiple options using which you can customize membership experience of users. These include the option to:

  • Decide if you wish to grant free memberships
  • Offer attractive login page – so that a popup appears rather than redirecting to a login page
Limited muliple logins To Your WordPress Membership Plugin
  • Limiting number of IPs used from a membership per day, so as to discourage password sharing
  • Disabling simultaneous login, again to discourage password sharing
Encouraging Membership Renewals

eMember also has features that encourage memberships renewals upon expiry. These include

  • Triggering auto expiry email notifications shortly before account expiry date
  • Allowing expired memberships to move to free membership status, to protect continuity
  • Generating special renewal membership links.

Besides this, eMember offers options for integration into wordpress, so that logging in to eMember would automatically log you into wordpress. The very large number of customization options that WP eMember offers makes it one of the most useful WordPress membership plugin.

Drip Content

You can structure access to your learners so that the release of course material is done periodically. This method of releasing course material, called drip content management, limits the amount of information accessible at once to the user. This prevents your learners from being overwhelmed by the magnitude of the course. The auto-upgrade feature in this WordPress membership plugin allows for dripped content management, although this entails making multiple courses.

Auto-upgrade feature

According to this feature, using WP eMember you may upgrade a member taking Module 1 of your course to Module 2 automatically after a thirty day period (or a 7-day period, according to how you wish to structure your course). So, if there are say 5 modules to one course, each module to be accessed 30 days from the previous module, you may time the auto upgrade feature so that

Module 1 -> 2: 30 days from start of course
Module 2 -> 3: 60 days from start of course
Module 3 -> 4: 90 days from start of course
Module 4 -> 5: 120 days from start of course

Pros and Cons of Drip Content Management

There is a debate regarding the merits of drip content management policy – a negative of this approach is that it dictates that learners follow the particular pace with which you have structured the course. The other side of the coin is that you are ensuring that you do not overwhelm your learners with too much information.

Prevent Concurrent Login plugin with WordPress Membership Plugin

A major concern for eLearning site managers is the possibility that their content may be shared by multiple users using a single login. Password sharing is a problem that eMember does address, through the previously mentioned settings of limiting number of IPs and the option to disable concurrent login.

In case the WordPress membership plugin that you use does not have the option to prevent simultaneous logins, a plugin that that specifically prevents concurrent login is the “Prevent Concurrent Login” plugin. This is a plugin that you only need to activate, and store in the Must Use category of plugins, for it to run silently in the background. It then by default prevent access to your membership system from multiple systems at the same time. You may use this plugin with any wordpress membership plugin, including the widely used WordPress Membership 2 plugin, and Wishlist Member, both of which rival WP eMember in popularity.

Video Membership site with eMember

For many premium video businesses like elearning & media , the necessity to protect video content from piracy by so many free downloaders, plugins , hacks is a must. Most of video streaming providers like youtube, vimeo, or self hosting doesnot allow for any protection. To restrict the access of your video content to only only your subscribers on wordpress, VdoCipher has come up with a secure video streaming solution based on encryption and watermarking.

The plugin enables you to use a custom short code. You can use the plugin and the shortcode with any wordpress membership plugin. Also as explained in the eMember section protection code, you can design your course to allow free registered access to trial learners and paid membership for the video. For this you only need to place the VdoCipher shortcode inside the sectional protection shortcode.


WordPress page for the e-member plugin

Prevent concurrent Login plugin

VdoCipher secure video streaming account signup, 5 GB Free Trial

WordPress course plugin to make course website – Sensei tutorial

Building a course website in WordPress is a great way to monetize your education content. It is being done quite effectively by individuals and companies across the globe. In this blog post we shall walk you through the steps necessary to install the very useful Sensei wordpress course plugin. Using Sensei, you can set up WordPress to sell online courses. By using the plugins features and integrating them with secure Vdocipher player for videos, you can sell online courses to your target audience more effectively.

The quality and security of videos is the USP for most companies that wish to sell online courses. VdoCipher provides the required necessary offerings so that you may not lose customers to piracy and your students have a great experience.

Installing Sensei as a wordpress course plugin

It is assumed that you have WordPress already installed on your system. Sensei is a paid plugin. To buy the course plugin you would have to buy the course directly from their parent site WooCommerce here. Prices as of October 2016 for the Sensei plugin are $129 for the single site version.

makes Sensei to sell online courses, along with VdoCipher for secure video hosting

Use Sensei to sell online courses

On buying the Sensei WordPress course plugin you could download the plugin file in zip format. To activate the plugin you would need to copy the license key that you will find in your Woothemes account to the wordpress interface for activation. After activation you will get this:

wordpress course plugin for secure video hosting

List of wordpress plugins

Using Sensei – Courses, Modules and Lessons

Sensei allows for a layered structuring for courses – each course can be divided into multiple modules, which can contain the relevant lessons. A module can itself be divided into sub-modules, and therefore this LMS allows for considerable flexibility in how you might wish to structure and present your course.

The first step is to therefore create a course. After creating your course, you can create a module, and select the relevant course in which the module is to be integrated. Lessons can then be created within the modules, and you can easily integrate videos within lessons using the steps given below.

Lessons are easily designed to help sell online courses

Setting up a lesson

As shown above, the interface to create a lesson is quite straightforward in Sensei. The ease with which a multi-layered course can be built using Sensei is why we recommend that you use this LMS to sell online courses.

For managing learners, Sensei has tabs for Analysis, Grading and Learner Management. Using Sensei you can track the updates to the course through the Data Updates tab. The simplicity of these options mean that teachers and site administrators can easily manage learners taking their courses. Because of this as a site administrator you can improve your site more effectively using learner feedback.

Quiz implementation in Sensei

Quizzes for grading learners can be added onto the end of the respective lessons. Using Sensei’s interface you can make multiple questions, decide whether passing the quiz is necessary to complete the course and the passing criteria. You may add questions directly to the lesson or add questions from a question bank. Questions may also be presented in a random manner.

Customization offered by Sensei to sell online courses

Sensei offers an additional WordPress course plugin – the Sensei Course Progress plugin – free of cost for monitoring course progress by lessons within a course (or within a module)

Sensei offers you control over who to allow to access the course. Access can be limited to registered users through their wordpress accounts, otherwise if you are using another plugin such as eMember or eShop to control access the feature to restrict access directly on Sensei may be left unused. We recommend using eMember to control membership access because of it allows you to create multiple membership levels depending on level of access.

Further customization allows for private messages between learners and teachers – enabling this functionality may depend upon the targeted size of learners and the ability of teachers to participate.

Sensei offers Javascript functionality in terms of a dynamic bar providing information about percentage of course completed, while My Courses tab also uses Javascript. These functionalities may also be disabled.

Have a look at the following screenshots to learn about additional customization offered by Sensei.

sensei wordpress course plugin

Sensei Shortcodes

Sensei offers a number of shortcodes by which you can remind learners of all available courses, accessible by categories such as teachers. You may also add shortcodes for courses being taken by the learner, additional courses that the learner may take, and user messages.

All available courses [sensei_courses]

Courses per user [sensei_user_courses] (the previous shortcode [usercourses] is no longer supported)

Course page [sensei_course_page id = “123”]

Unpurchased courses [sensei_unpurchased_courses]

Secure Video Streaming in Sensei

To prevent illegal video download , sharing and provide best streaming experience to your viewers, we at VdoCipher provide ready to use video wordpress course plugin. The plugin runs at backend and allows encrypted streaming + viewer watermark player embed on your site. It is compatible with any other plugins you use in your wordpress. VdoCipher has education customers all across 6 continents using us. To install VdoCipher plugin on your wordpress account, you first need to create an account at A trial account at VdoCipher can be made for free. You can upload & stream upto 5GB worth of content for secure video streaming. With each video that you would have uploaded you would have a corresponding video id.

The video can then be embedded onto the lesson by applying the following code: [vdo id="id_of_video"] For example: [vdo id="123abc4d56e7fg89shi12"]

User Registration, Analytics, Themes, Grading with Sensei

Sensei is a complete e-learning suite and involves easy to use management features to do the above implementation.

A note on Woocommerce

WooCommerce is an ecommerce wordpress plugin and necessarily works at backend of Sensei. So, first installation of Woocommerce is needed and then sensei. It is free and is compatible with all major plugins including ours.

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Watermark user/time specific dynamic variables on WordPress videos

For a free full version 5 GB  free trial at VdoCipher , Register.

Custom variables as watermark on wordpress videos

Watermark on videos adds extra security for the video from screen capture by adding variables such as email, IP or date information to the videos. Custom variables is now supported in plugin 1.6

Till version 1.5 of our WordPress plugin, watermark on videos could only have a limited number of dynamic variables. With version 1.6, we have now added filter hooks on the annotation code to enable other plugins or themes to change the annotation code.

You can now add a custom filter to the hook `vdocipher_annotate_preprocess` . Example code for adding custom filter is:

function customfunc($vdo_annotate_code){
 $customVariable = "Hello world";
 $vdo_annotate_code = str_replace('{var1}', $customVariable, $vdo_annotate_code);
 return $vdo_annotate_code;

$er = add_filter('vdocipher_annotate_preprocess', 'customfunc');

The above code enables you to replace the token {var1} with the value of $customVariable. You can then use an annotation code like:

{'type':'rtext', 'text':'Your IP : {ip}', 'alpha':'0.8', 'color':'0xFF0000','size':'12','interval':'5000'},
{'type':'text', 'text':'{var1}', 'alpha':'0.5' , 'x':'150', 'y':'100', 'color':'0xFF0000', 'size':'12'}

This code on going through the above filter will become

{'type':'rtext', 'text':'Your IP : {ip}', 'alpha':'0.8', 'color':'0xFF0000','size':'12','interval':'5000'},
{'type':'text', 'text':'Hello world', 'alpha':'0.5' , 'x':'150', 'y':'100', 'color':'0xFF0000', 'size':'12'}

This function can be placed in the functions.php file in your theme. It is recommended to create a child theme before making such edits. The theme

Adding video specific watermark

With this tool, you can also set custom variables for different video or wire up your own logic using any WordPress parameters.

Quickest way to start your video selling site

Low on startup budget, still looking for an elegant, secure , smooth , quick and a complete video selling portal for your business.

Here I provide a step by step guide to do so. VdoCipher helps e-learning and media businesses worldwide to sell courses and videos in most secure, smooth and affordable manner.

  1. Video streaming and site management are different aspects. Video streaming with security, analytics , customizations, multiple bitrates , scaling for large number of users over the internet is a daunting task and let it be managed by video experts like VdoCipher.
  2. For a nice looking and ready to go site solution , there are many wordpress templates which help you launch site in a day. Some of these have membership management included in them or in some case you can select a membership plugin.
  3. I am listing out some of the templates for video selling businesses focussed on media and e-learning.

Video Selling for E-learning

Check the following themes and templates

Video Selling for Media

Check the following themes and templates

  1. VdoCipher has a ready to use plugin for wordpress. It is compatible with all wordpress themes and plugins. Encryption, backend authentication and dynamic watermarking with viewer variable makes VdoCipher most secure solution in the market. It allows multiple bitrate streaming on player. On daily basis, you can see the analytics.
  2. For payments, you can use paypal to start with paypal , beanstream or something like these. Various options are mentioned in this link.

  1. With VdoCipher providing most secure and smooth streaming , wordpress theme aesthetically  choosen for your business, membership plugins in place , a transaction gateway  like paypal, you can go live within a week and start earning revenues.

For more details on most secure and complete video hosting solution in market, check out

Watermark user/time specific dynamic variables on WordPress videos

To check and download the WordPress plugin, please go


While adding videos watermark or annotation code on vdocipher videos using the WordPress plugin, you can configure the text to fetch dynamic user variables. These variables can be user name, email or date in custom format. Here is the complete list of variables which can be used in the annotation code.

{name} : This shows the display name of the user who is viewing the video. This calls the function: wp_get_current_user()->display_name

{email} : wp_get_current_user()->user_email

{username} : wp_get_current_user()->user_login

{id} : wp_get_current_user()->ID


{date} : This function allows you to configure the video to show date in custom format. You can use the predefined PHP date constants to display date. The format is {date.pattern}, where pattern will be the input of PHP’s date function.

preg_replace_callback('/\{date\.([^\}]+)\}/', function($matches)
   return date($matches[1]);
} , $vdo_annotate_code);


An example code using the above variable tokens:

{'type':'rtext', 'text':'Your IP : {ip}', 'alpha':'0.8', 'color':'0xFF0000','size':'12','interval':'5000'},
{'type':'text', 'text':'Time: {date.h:i:s A}', 'alpha':'0.5' , 'x':'150', 'y':'100', 'color':'0xFF0000', 'size':'12'}

Check example video for the above code here:

Currently, the WordPress plugin supports a single annotation parameter across the website. If you must have a video without the annotation, you need to add a no_annotate parameter [vdo id="aaaaaaa" no_annotate="true"]

WordPress video plugin : Embed secure videos on site

WordPress is the fastest means to a working website and is used by developers across the world to create awesome websites with minimal effort. Integrating a secure video streaming service in WordPress to host video membership sites is becoming increasingly popular. Here we explain how best to best integrate the VdoCipher video player. Using the VdoCipher WordPress video plugin will help you securely stream videos on your site, helping you in increasing revenues.

VdoCipher is the most secure video streaming and hosting solution for WordPress videos. Encryption, dynamic watermarking with viewer detail and authentication provides highest protection from video piracy. VdoCipher provides a nice smooth player to have your viewers best video streaming experience.

How to integrate WordPress video plugin ?

Here is a guide to install WP plugin for video, embed a player on WordPress posts and pages and protect your content from unauthorized downloads. Our plugin makes it easier to protect videos on WordPress from getting downloaded.

Use VdoCipher WordPress Video Plugin for Secure video hosting

WordPress plugin page for VdoCipher

Below is a sample video with dynamic watermark features enabled. We have received multiple requests for providing a simpler solution for our API. To cater to users using WordPress for their site, we are launching the first version of our plugin. This plugin should simplify the process of using VdoCipher. The 1.0 version is capable for basic functionality and takes out the effort from API implementation.

Here are the steps one needs to follow.

1. Create account on VdoCipher. Upon sign up, you will receive a “client secret key” on your email. This key is very much like your password, so its essential that you keep it safe. You shall need to use this key while making any API calls or while using our plugins.

2. On your WordPress dashboard, search for “VdoCipher” on Add plugins page.

VdoCipher wordpress video plugin

3. Click “Install now” . This will install our WordPress video plugin.

4. Click on the link “Activate this plugin”. On the top, you shall see a message. “Click here to configure VdoCipher”.

5. In the next page, enter the client secret key you received in Step 1.

That’s it, if everything went well, you should be shown a status: ready message. Now, you can add videos to your VdoCipher dashboard and get the video id. Then, create posts and pages with your videos embedded on them. Just use the below shortcode for it, replacing aaaaaaaa with the real video id.

[vdo id='aaaaaaaa']

Watermark your video with text and image

You can use our watermark feature inside the plugin to add text and images on your videos.  Adding moving text with viewer information is an extra deterrent to people sharing recorded videos and tracking such point of leakages.  You can configure the plugin to add annotation over your videos.

You need to set up “annotation code” in the Settings > VdoCipher page.  Go to plugins > VdoCipher> settings > annotation statement, and put the watermark code there. This code tells us how and what to embed over your videos. You can make the annotation code automatically by inputting text/image, size and color directly here in the dashboard -> Config -> Watermark Tool section. A sample watermark code for dynamic text watermark is given here below.

{‘type’:’rtext’, ‘text’:’ {ip}’, ‘alpha’:’0.20′, ‘color’:’0x000000′,’size’:’12’,’interval’:’2000′},
{‘type’:’text’, ‘text’:’ {date.h:i:s A}’, ‘alpha’:’0.30′ , ‘x’:’60’, ‘y’:’200′, ‘color’:’0x000000′, ‘size’:’11’,’interval’:’3000′},
{‘type’:’rtext’, ‘text’:’ {email}’, ‘alpha’:’0.20′, ‘color’:’0x000000′,’size’:’12’,’interval’:’2000′},
{‘type’:’rtext’, ‘text’:’ {username}’, ‘alpha’:’0.20′, ‘color’:’0x000000′,’size’:’12’,’interval’:’2000′},
For further details on creating your annotation code, read on here: Add watermark over videos

Once set, the annotation code is applied over all VdoCipher videos in your WordPress. If you want a particular video not to show the annotation, you need to pass another attribute to the short-code.

[vdo id='aaaaaaa' no_annotate='true']

Sell videos online

For selling videos online, VdoCipher is an extremely good option to protect your content from being freely distributed. You can set up an e-commerce video platform with WordPress itself.

One option would be to set up a membership site with multiple subscription options. This way your customers can pay a subscription fees and get access to content according to the level of subscription they buy. Such a system can be set up using membership plugin.

Use WooCommerce Pay Per View With WordPress video plugin for secure video hosting

WooCommerce Pay Per View With VdoCipher plugin for secure video hosting

Similarly, you can have a pay-per-view option for your platform where your visitors have to pay a one-time charge for watching a video. You can restrict the number of times and for how much duration you want to give access to the content. Such a system can be set up with WooCommerce plugin. You might have to use another plugin Woocommerce pay per post to achieve this. You can further customize the plugin for the restrictions and user flow that you might like to achieve.

For some useful tips and suggested practices while setting up a video based e-commerce platform, read Make money from e-learning videos .

If you are looking to create video e-commerce platform online or just want to  protect your online videos on WordPress, go ahead and use our wordpress video pluginIn case you have any feedback, suggestions or bugs, we would be happy to hear from you at

So, try out our WordPress video plugin. Try the free full version 5 GB trial at for protecting WordPress videos from download. Secure, Smooth and Affordable video streaming solution.