WordPress video plugin : Embed secure videos on site

WordPress is the fastest means to a working website and is used by developers across the world to create awesome websites with minimal effort. Integrating a secure video streaming service in WordPress to host video membership sites is becoming increasingly popular. Here we explain how best to best integrate the VdoCipher video player. Using the VdoCipher WordPress video plugin will help you securely stream videos on your site, helping you in increasing revenues.

VdoCipher is the most secure video streaming and hosting solution for WordPress videos. Encryption, dynamic watermarking with viewer detail and authentication provides highest protection from video piracy. VdoCipher provides a nice smooth player to have your viewers best video streaming experience.

How to integrate WordPress video plugin ?

Here is a guide to install WP plugin for video, embed a player on WordPress posts and pages and protect your content from unauthorized downloads. Our plugin makes it easier to protect videos on WordPress from getting downloaded.

Use VdoCipher WordPress Video Plugin for Secure video hosting

WordPress plugin page for VdoCipher

Below is a sample video with dynamic watermark features enabled. We have received multiple requests for providing a simpler solution for our API. To cater to users using WordPress for their site, we are launching the first version of our plugin. This plugin should simplify the process of using VdoCipher. The 1.0 version is capable for basic functionality and takes out the effort from API implementation.

Here are the steps one needs to follow.

1. Create account on VdoCipher. Upon sign up, you will find the API Secret Key in the Config section in the Dashboard. This key is very much like your password, so its essential that you keep it safe. You shall need to use this key while making any API calls or while using our plugins.

2. On your WordPress dashboard, search for “VdoCipher” on Add plugins page.

VdoCipher wordpress video plugin

3. Click “Install now” . This will install our WordPress video plugin.

4. Click on the link “Activate this plugin”. On the top, you shall see a message. “Click here to configure VdoCipher”.

5. In the next page, enter the API secret key you received in Step 1.

That’s it, if everything went well, you should be shown a status: ready message. Now, you can add videos to your VdoCipher dashboard and get the video id. Then, create posts and pages with your videos embedded on them. Just use the below shortcode for it, replacing 12345678 with the real video id.

[vdo id='12345678']

Watermark your video with text and image

You can use our watermark feature inside the plugin to add text and images on your videos.  Adding moving text with viewer information is an extra deterrent to people sharing recorded videos and tracking such point of leakages.  You can configure the plugin to add annotation over your videos.

You need to set up “annotation code” in the Settings > VdoCipher page.  Go to plugins > VdoCipher> settings > annotation statement, and put the watermark code there. This code tells us how and what to embed over your videos. You can make the annotation code automatically by inputting text/image, size and color directly here in the dashboard -> Config -> Watermark Tool section. A sample watermark code for dynamic text watermark is given here below.



{‘type’:’rtext’, ‘text’:’ {ip}’, ‘alpha’:’0.20′, ‘color’:’0x000000′,’size’:’12’,’interval’:’2000′},


{‘type’:’text’, ‘text’:’ {date.h:i:s A}’, ‘alpha’:’0.30′ , ‘x’:’60’, ‘y’:’200′, ‘color’:’0x000000′, ‘size’:’11’,’interval’:’3000′},


{‘type’:’rtext’, ‘text’:’ {email}’, ‘alpha’:’0.20′, ‘color’:’0x000000′,’size’:’12’,’interval’:’2000′},


{‘type’:’rtext’, ‘text’:’ {username}’, ‘alpha’:’0.20′, ‘color’:’0x000000′,’size’:’12’,’interval’:’2000′},




It is possible to have watermark skip for some time between two overlays. Here is a sample code for it , the ‘skip’ parameter does that-
[ {'type':'rtext', 'text':' [ip]', 'alpha':'0.30', 'color':'0xFF0000','size':'13','interval':'2000','skip':'2000'} ]
For further details on creating your annotation code, read on here: Add watermark over videos

Once set, the annotation code is applied over all VdoCipher videos in your WordPress. If you want a particular video not to show the annotation, you need to pass another attribute to the short-code.

[vdo id='12345678' no_annotate=true]

Sell videos online

For selling videos online, VdoCipher is an extremely good option to protect your content from being freely distributed. You can set up an e-commerce video platform with WordPress itself.

One option would be to set up a membership site with multiple subscription options. This way your customers can pay a subscription fees and get access to content according to the level of subscription they buy. Such a system can be set up using membership plugin.

Use WooCommerce Pay Per View With WordPress video plugin for secure video hosting

WooCommerce Pay Per View With VdoCipher plugin for secure video hosting

Similarly, you can have a pay-per-view option for your platform where your visitors have to pay a one-time charge for watching a video. You can restrict the number of times and for how much duration you want to give access to the content. Such a system can be set up with WooCommerce plugin. You might have to use another plugin Woocommerce pay per post to achieve this. You can further customize the plugin for the restrictions and user flow that you might like to achieve.

For some useful tips and suggested practices while setting up a video based e-commerce platform, read Make money from e-learning videos .

If you are looking to create video e-commerce platform online or just want to  protect your online videos on WordPress, go ahead and use our wordpress video pluginIn case you have any feedback, suggestions or bugs, we would be happy to hear from you at support@vdocipher.com

So, try out our WordPress video plugin. Try the free full version 5 GB trial at www.vdocipher.com for protecting WordPress videos from download. Secure, Smooth and Affordable video streaming solution.

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