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AWS Standard Technology Partner


Live Streaming Player that delights your viewers & Integrates in minutes

One to Many Live Broadcast

One broadcaster with many viewers in an adaptive responsibe web player embeddable in your site or app.

HTML5 Adaptive Player

Stream videos with our smart video player with multiple qualities, adaptive to internet speed, compatible with all devices.

Amazon AWS Server + CDN

Our Videos are streamed via Amazon AWS and we provide CDN to ensure your video can stream seamlessly across 6 continents.

Chat for Viewers

You decide to keep chat on/off and anonymous or authenticated. Fetch username and image/avatar for your chat.

Automatic Recording

After live stream is over, you get an automatic file saved to your vdocipher dashboard, which you can also embed on your site/app with DRM security.

API to auto start & end stream.

Auto initiate and end streams using our API, handle multiple streams automatically on your website or app.

Connect with OBS & other tools

Connects with OBS or any standard streaming/broadcast software, we provide a streaming url and key to be used in settings of OBS. Documentation inside dashboard.

5 Parallel streams from account

Single customer account can run 5 live streams in parallel. Enterprise accounts can stream even more.

Screen share/Multiple screens

You can do screen share/share multiple screen/multiple sources using OBS software inbuilt functionality.

Latest Player & Server Tech

Player is built over open source shaka player, We use Dash + HLS protocols for streaming; ensuring best streaming optimisations & experience. Each account has a dedicated streaming server.


$0.06/GB for bandwidth

  • Start with $145 Annual plan: 1500 GB output Bandwidth, 100 Input Streaming Hours. You can buy more bandwidth and streaming hours once it gets consumed.
  • Input Stream - $0.5 per stream per hour.
  • Output Stream - $0.06/GB for bandwidth. Pricing can reduce for high usage commitments.
  • No extra costs for chat or recording functionality or HD functionality. Note - Recording is saved on vdocipher dashboard and if you do not delete and keep it, there is a storage cost for it. 20 GB Storage Free.
  • Single customer account can run 5 live streams in parallel.
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Seamlessly Manage Your Live Stream with a
User-Friendly Dashboard

Easy Connect & Broadcast

Start stream from dashboard or api, use our settings to configure OBS. You can customise OBS screens & settings according to your use case. Stream is setup within 2 minutes.

Easy Embedding

Integrate in your website or app with a simple iframe. Webview can be used in mobile apps to embed our iframe. API integration for initiating and ending stream also available.

Multiple Chat Options

Select from chat off, anonymous chat, authenticated chat. Authenticated chat documentation inside dashboard.

Viewing Analytics

Live stat on number of viewers , bandwidth data updated daily. Video file auto recorded and saved in vdocipher dashboard within few minutes.

livestreaming dashboard screenshot

Everywhere Integrable Live Stream


Eg. Website, Browser


Eg. Android, iOS
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Unparalleled Customer Support

At VdoCipher, we're your dedicated partner in success. Benefit from personalized guidance with our account managers, enjoy fast support via WhatsApp and call. Our support engineers are just a text or call away. Get exclusive early access to our latest beta features. Together, we're committed to ensuring your video endeavors thrive.

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Choose your best Live Stream Partner

Enhance your live streaming experience beyond what Zoom and others offer with VdoCipher. Our platform not only allows seamless embedding into various interfaces like web and app but also removes the limitations on participant numbers.

3000+ Businesses have streamed 260 Million hours of videos across 180+ Countries with VdoCipher


Please explain a sample pricing.

Do you also have video conferencing solution?

What is the advantage over Zoom?

What is the cost for HD , chat and recording?

What are the bitrate/size/resolution you work with?

aws partner network standard technology partner
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