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Direct Partner with Google for Widevine DRM

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Sleep Easy Knowing That Your Hosted Videos Are Secure with VdoCipher.

Video DRM Encryption

Videos hosted through us can’t be downloaded via any plugin, tool, or hack. Our Hollywood-grade DRM ensures protection from piracy

Custom HTML5 Player

Stream videos with our customized smart video player with subtitles, multiple qualities & speed change, compatible with all devices

Amazon AWS Server + CDN

Our Videos are hosted via Amazon AWS and we provide CDN to ensure your video can stream seamlessly across 6 continents.

Protection against Rooted Devices

VdoCipher uses enhanched Google Play Integrity and DRM protection for emulator, rooted, and hacked devices.

Android SDK for Security on Mobile

You get Integration with Google's Widevine DRM to disable screen capture and ensure Hollywood-grade security on app.

Video APIs to Manage Your Videos

You can manage your videos using API, enable automatic upload and even get OTP for playback. With the player API, you can inject custom HTML into the player.

More than 2,500+ Business across 120+ Countries trust VdoCipher


Find out how your users are consuming your videos. With viewer based analytics you understand watch pattern of your videos. You can see individual usage of different courses and how they fare. Figure out if there is any sort of password sharing happening by looking at individual video consumption. Finding out account whose consumption is way higher than it ideally should be.

An infographic illustrating the concept of Password Sharing Detection in video analytics

Password Sharing Detection

This feature uses total video watch time per user to identify and manage unusual viewing patterns, suggesting password sharing. Figure out if there is any sort of password sharing happening by looking at individual video consumption.

  • Unusual pattern detection
  • Account security
  • An infographic for Device and Browser Usage Analysis in video analytics

    Device and Browser Usage Analysis

    Track the devices and browsers each subscriber uses, providing insights into the most popular platforms and optimizing content for these preferences.

  • Device tracking
  • Browser analysis
  • infographic showcasing Viewer Engagement Insights via Heatmap

    Viewer Engagement Heatmap

    Utilize video player heatmap sessions to understand viewer interactions with content, such as which parts are watched, skipped, or rewatched, helping in content optimization.

  • Interaction insights
  • Content optimization
  • Geographic Distribution Insights

    Geographic Distribution Insights

    Analyze viewer distribution by geography to tailor content to specific geographic preferences and identify key viewer markets.

  • Geographic tailoring
  • Market identification
  • Suspicious Device Playback Monitoring

    Suspicious Device Playback Monitoring

    Focus on monitoring playback attempts on non-regular devices as a security measure to prevent unauthorized access and protect content.

  • Security enhancement
  • Unauthorized access prevention
  • Domain Playback Tracking

    Domain Playback Tracking

    Use domain playback logs to ensure content is viewed on authorized domains, protecting against unauthorized sharing and distribution.

  • Content protection
  • Authorized access
  • Content Popularity Analysis

    Content Popularity Analysis

    Assess video views to gain insights into content reach and popularity, understanding viewer preferences and trends.

  • Reach tracking
  • Trend analysis
  • Learn What Our Customers Have To Say About Us!

    BookMyShow logo


    Sayak Rana

    Global Viewership

    100,000+ users

    We provide premium Hollywood & Bollywood movies for 100,000+ viewers. VdoCipher DRM security is an essential part of our video infrastructure. Integration and compatibility are key aspects of DRM offering, supported well by VdoCipher. Their team was very helpful in the integration of the product.

    justvision logo

    JustVision Media

    Daniel Nerenberg

    Global Viewership

    10,000+ users

    We were looking for an affordable video hosting program with solid DRM and the option to geo-restrict content and were happy to find VdoCipher. Customer service helped us find the right plan and answered all questions promptly and professionally - a really great customer service experience.



    Elizane Pinheiro


    10,000+ users

    UnivFilms Promotions & Entertainment is a digital platform for the on-demand reproduction of cinematographic works and TV in streaming video, made by independent and recognized producers, students and new talents. Based out of Brazil, the platform offers short films, films, and Series.

    Plus TV

    Plus TV

    Rahul Rathore


    5000+ users

    VdoCipher has the kind of technology infrastructure and support skills required, that made our broadcast customers to be able to trust us.They have a full range of features from DRM, streaming to encoding with well structured enterprise APIs. I look forward toVibhav & Siddhant to bring out more and more innovations in video technology space.

    Unparalleled Customer Support side banner image

    Unparalleled Customer Support

    At VdoCipher, we're your dedicated partner in success. Benefit from personalized guidance with our account managers, enjoy fast support via WhatsApp and call. Our support engineers are just a text or call away. Get exclusive early access to our latest beta features. Together, we're committed to ensuring your video endeavors thrive.


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