DRM Encrpted Streaming logo

DRM Encrypted Streaming

DRM encrypted video streaming technology ensures that no downloader, plugin can download your content. Highest security from video piracy with Google Widevine and Apple Fairplay DRM video encryption

Watermarking to Deter Screen Capture logo

Watermark to Discourage Screen Capture

Viewer specific moving/static watermark with email, user id, IP, time stamp. Customise color, speed, transparency, size for watermark. Screen Capture Block in Apps

Embed Videos on Your Site or App logo

Embed Videos on Your Site or App

Upload/Import videos and secure embed them in your site or app through variety of options including iframe, plugin and APIs

Smart HTML5 Player logo

Smart HTML5 Player

Speed change, Forward/rewind, Multi-quality adaptive & Responsive player, Add Subtitles

Amazon AWS Server & CDN logo

Amazon AWS Server & CDN

AWS powered server, transcoding & CDN infrastructure to ensure smooth playback across 6 continents

Dedicated Support logo

Dedicated Support

Dedicated support team to take care of queries on tickets/emails and online calls. 90% queries are addressed within 24 working hours