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Videos streamed through VdoCipher player can't be downloaded using any internet plugins or software. VdoCipher solves the problem of online video piracy.

VdoCipher is best video hosting for business to sell videos online. Register for a full free trial.

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Encrypted Streaming

Encrypted video transfer ensures that the video cannot be downloaded while being played in the vdocipher player.

Are other video hosting services fooling you for security?

Watermark & DRM

Brand your videos or provide further security. Watermark videos with viewer info to deter re-distribution and sharing.

Demo and How-To

Enterprise APIs, Transcoding

AWS+Akamai CDN, Transcoding, Ad insertion, API available for all video actions and properties.

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Customizable player

Need a different color for pleasing aesthetics. Customize the player to match website theme and color schemes.

Plugins available for

Wordpress   Joomla   Drupal   Moodle
Global Readers Choice Award winners

Global winners for video DRM and Access Control

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What Our Customers Say

We found VdoCipher to be the most secure and affordable solution for releasing our movie online

Excellent customer service, value for money and secure course videos. Would recommend highly.

Richard Wilcox, MCQBank-UK

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Video Hosting For E-learning

VdoCipher’s secure video hosting is perfect for educators who wish to sell online video courses. By preventing online piracy of videos, E-learning providers can now effectively monetize their videos. VdoCipher can be integrated with CMS including WordPress and Joomla using plugins. VdoCipher’s mobile app and SDK can be used to enable mobile learning for students.

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Online Video Platform for Creators

Film producers and distributors can use VdoCipher to use to earn more revenues with their video content. We offer the highest security for your videos, preventing online video piracy. Video creators can now fearlessly sell their online videos while reaching a much larger audience. Distributors can use VdoCipher to create their own online video platform like Netflix and Hulu.

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Video Hosting for Business

Our video hosting can be used by businesses for marketing and for workforce training. Using advanced analytics you can track the effectiveness of videos in communicating to your target audiences. Businesses can customize their videos by adding logo of their company. Additionally features include custom encoding, multi-bitrate player and enterprise API.