DRM Streaming for Videos

Hollywood approved Security Standards that protect your videos from hackers and downloaders


Widevine and FairPlay Streaming for Desktop, Android and iOS


Highest security for in-app downloads for Offline use


Maintain exclusive control over user access to your videos

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Security features that protect your premium content and help you make fantastic revenues


DRM Video Encryption

Videos are DRM encrypted during encoding, and can only be decrypted on the VdoCipher media player.
Tech Details on Google Widevine DRM  
Tech Details on Apple Fairplay DRM  
Tech Details on Microsoft Playready DRM  


Backend Licensing & Authentication

VdoCipher video player uses OTP-based backend authentication system to keep your videos safe from downloader plugins
How VdoCipher DRM fits in your tech stack  
VdoCipher encryption details  


Dynamic Watemarking

Add IP address, User-Id and Email-Id to deter screen capture. Identify point of origin of piracy.
Sample Watermark  


IP, Geo & Time Based Restriction

Restrict access to particular Geo/IP. Enable restrictions to total user video play time.
IP-Geo restriction via API and dashboard  
DRM license server implementations  


Android SDK for Security on Mobile

Integration with Google's Widevine DRM to disable screen capture and ensure Hollywood-grade security.
Android SDK Integration Guide  


Disable Screen Capture on iOS

Complete Security on iOS Devices, including blocking screen capture softwares.
APIs to integrate videos to your site  

'I have used VdoCipher’s services to protect my intellectual property in specialist legal framework webinars in UK. I have had help to whitelist videos for customer intranets, and found that the customer service is efficient. The package gives me peace of mind'

Belinda Schwehr

Care and Health Law UK