Most of the video hosting services you encounter will claim to provide security. The means of security or protection which they say, will be varied – like RTMP, domain privacy, password protection, ssl security, IP lock. But can these technologies even be considered as security. What are the security flaws in them ? How easy is to download the videos being said to be protected by these technologies? What are the associated difficulties which your viewer may have to encounter if faced with these? We try to have a take on this and establish how VdoCipher provides highest security without deteriorating the viewer experience.

Security flaws in the so called secure technologies, What is VdoCipher better version for each.


1.       RTMP/RTMPe – Just a google for RTMP downloader / RTMPe downloader will enlist you all the downloaders (like RTMP dump, Video-Download-Capture) which can download videos streamed through technologies. Except security, other concern in RTMP or RTMPe streaming is that these technologies do not allow for buffer. The video streams and loads simultaneously. It is a major problem for viewers with slow internet connection. No allowance for buffer also leads to high bandwidth usage.
VdoCipher provides security through proprietary encryption technology. You can try any downloader available on web and it is deemed to fail in front of our security. Plus, VdoCipher allows for buffer retention which ensures minimal bandwidth usage and smooth playback for low internet viewers.

2.       Domain privacy – Domain privacy is no protection against all the downloaders. It only ensures that the video can be played only on your domain. But, still the link of your site can be shared across different persons. Non-registered users with the link can see the video as well as download it using so many downloaders available on web. ( Video Download Helper , IDM ,Video-Download-Capture , Audials, RTMP dump)

VdoCipher provides back-end authentication that ensures only your registered users can watch videos. Security from downloads is provided through proprietary encryption technology.

3.       Password protection – What good is a password, when common plugins can detect video and provide the downloaded version to the viewer. Yes, the password protection is only a deterrent from streaming, it does not prevent download from plugins and downloaders.

VdoCipher backend authentication and encryption provides such a high security that there is no need for a password. Only registered users can stream the videos on your site. But still if you are looking for a password for your public videos, VdoCipher can provide you that through its API.

4.       IP lock, GEO lock – These are used to block videos from playing in a particular ip address or country. These cannot be termed as security as your videos are not even streaming in that region. It is just to prevent people from unconcerned region from watching your videos.

As only registered members can watch videos streamed through VdoCipher , it is not needed as such. If still desired, this blocking feature can again be implemented using VdoCipher API.

 So, VdoCipher encryption and authentication provides higher security against sharing and downloads. It can provide me Geo lock and password protection as well. What else, what about screen capture?

VdoCipher provides dynamic watermarking on videos with viewer details (ip address , name, gmail , phone number). So even your viewer has captured your video using some camera, he will be discouraged to share it among other people. If the captured version reaches you or is put online , you can know and take action against the concerned person.

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