Alternative to Vimeo: Secure for Business

VdoCipher is a great alternative to Vimeo.

VdoCipher offers 100% protection against video piracy matched by none other competitors in world. Vimeo videos can be easily downloaded, while VdoCipher stands firm against any downloader or plugin. Here are the key differentiators for the better alternative to vimeo.




Security (Encryption)

Full Encrypted Streaming: 100% prevention from all downloaders. Progressive smooth streaming Standard Streaming- Easily downloadable videos through free downloaders and plugins available on web.

Security (Watermark)

Viewer Specific moving watermark – Email id, user id, ip. Deters Screen captures No watermarking feature

Custom Encoding

Set custom desired bitrates & height for all devices No custom bitrate & height options.

Great Support

Site chat, Phone call, email support guaranteed. For urgent cases , 24*7 helpline number, All at no extra costs Instant support not available.

Learn more about how other OVPs may be misleading you about their security features, and how VdoCipher secure streaming solution ensures 100% protection against video piracy. Find out more about the full security feature set that VdoCipher offers.

Demos – Encryption, Viewer Specific Watermark

Find out how to add text to videos with Watermark. You can also create the watermark script directly from the Dashboard.

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Import Video from Vimeo

If you have videos already on Vimeo, don’t worry , you don’t need to reupload them. Our Vimeo import feature in your dashboard will directly transfer content from Vimeo to VdoCipher. Find out how to import your videos directly from Vimeo to VdoCipher without the need for downloading.

Import Video directly from Vimeo Pro for completely secure video hosting

Import Videos directly from Vimeo Pro for completely secure video hosting

About VdoCipher

Use VdoCipher for secure video hosting

VdoCipher is a secure video streaming solution catering to e-learning and media business across 6 continents. We offer a full stack solution for businesses to host and stream video content in the most secure, smooth & affordable manner.

  • We use AWS+Akamai to host content on servers and CDNs distributed worldwide.
  • We have developed our own proprietary encrypted streaming technology to prevent piracy.
  • We also support watermarking for branding and for deterring screen captures.
  • Our dashboard is designed to ensure easy video management.
  • Our range of APIs & upload options ensure that you can launch your videos with minimal time and effort.
  • We provide detailed daily analytics to track your business
  • We support optimized multi-bitrate encoding to stream content at low bitrates across Asia & Africa
  • Our custom player is designed to suit your site theme and target audience

With the impressive feature set explained above, VdoCipher enables you to have full control over your videos while having a vast array of features to use.

Thus as the best Alternative to Vimeo, Start full free trial at

Alternative to Vimeo for secure video hosting

Alternative to Vimeo for secure video hosting