DRM Player : Secure Video Player

DRM Video for Secure Video Hosting and Secure Video Streaming
Workflow for DRM videos

Online DRM player

Customizable player which can play encrypted media content with viewer specific watermark. Fully secure streaming through world class DRM player. Customizable controls & player.

Encryption, Authentication, Licensing, Dynamic watermarking 

To ensure Digital Rights Management as exactly required by you. Encoding, Video Management, Analytics, Streaming, Customizable player, DRM at one go. Start free 5 GB DRM player trial at www.vdocipher.com


Online Video DRM : Increase Revenues

Secure DRM streaming Details – Secure Cloud Integration to increase revenues

Features/Functionality Supported by Video DRM
User Authentication
Authorised Distribution to Subscribed user
Geo Blocking
Blocking Geo Specifice Rights, Prevents unauthorised Access
IP Blocking
Blocking IP ranges
Access Management
Subscription Right Management ( Package rights)
Custom License Expiry Timeframe
1 second to 50 hours expiry for a video playback
Video Business Rules
Support Multiple business options- SVOD, Catchup, 1 Day pass, 1 Month Pass, Free
IP Sharing
IP Sharing
Offline Secure Playback for App
Download video in app & play it offline any number of times in non sharable secure format
Video Downloaders
Prevention from downloaders & plugins
Screen Grabbing
Dettering Against Screen Grabbing
URL Masking
Masked URL Paths
Custom moving watermarking with logo/image/viewer details
Encrypted Streaming
Transfer of whole content stream is encrypted. The only secure customizable moving watermark provider in world.
Custom Options for Dynamic Watermark info to license 
  • User Info Email, Contact, IP Address, Geo Time can be added.
  • Color, Transparency, Size, Speed of Movement , Position – Customizable
  • Viewers can not remove or edit out watermark
  • Prevention against illegal streaming and usage
  • Deters screen-capture
  • Helps with DMCA takedowns
  • Start free full version secure video streaming trial at www.vdocipher.com

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