The article is to explain how the higher education system of India is changing rapidly in the course of time and how the demand for online coaching for IIT JEE is increasing day by day. The higher education sector forms an integral pillar of our economy. As per a publication by the annual Science and Engineering Indicators 2018 report of the National Science Foundation, India accounts for one-fourth of the estimated 7.5 million bachelors in science and engineering degrees awarded across the world in 2014. Indian students who pursue science after high school emphasizes more on pursuing Engineering or Medical as their career options. For factors unknown, the incidence of opting for engineering is more than that of appearing for medical in India. The HRD ministry of India reveals that nearly 2.9 million students get enrolled for an engineering course while only 1.5 million engineers pass out in India every year. Only 3 % have suitable skills to be absorbed in the job sector.

In such a condition, all students willing to be successful engineers in the future try to crack the IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Entrance examinations, also popularly known as the JEE. It is divided into two parts-JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Students who can qualify the JEE Main are only eligible to sit for JEE Advanced. Studying in the IITs is a dream for every engineering students as IITs are considered the premium institutes for engineering across India. Overall there are 23 IIT institutes across India and the competition the students face for IIT admission is beyond imagination. According to 2018 reports, around 11 lakhs 50 thousand candidates appeared for JEE Mains Entrance examination. However, only 231024 managed to qualify for the JEE Advanced Examination. This number lessened in the final selection to a greater extent. Hence, IIT examinations can be described as a method of elimination. Only the best of the lot get into IITs. However, the number of students who qualify for IITs every year varies in an uneven manner.

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The Syllabus and Preparation for IIT JEE

One needs to prepare sincerely and effortlessly if one seriously wishes to crack the much coveted IIT entrance. The hours of preparation studies may vary from student to student based on their knowledge intake capacity. However, for most students, it becomes very difficult to study for class XII board exams and IIT entrances simultaneously. Most of the times, the syllabuses are different. It is always advisable to start preparations for IIT after 10th-grade exams are over. External guidance always enhances the preparation process and makes the students acquainted with time management while solving IIT question papers. Several coaching institutes have developed over the last few decades to aid aspiring students to reach their dreams. Few famous coaching institutes for IIT JEE Entrance Examination are ALLEN Career Institute, Resonance Kota, FIITJEE etc.

Nowadays, most students prefer to devote as much time as possible to study for IIT Entrances. Since the syllabus allotted is so vast, it is improbable for a student to study and prepare on his own. If a student gets admitted to any coaching institute, then there is time cost assigned to it. He needs to travel to and fro to attend classes. Sometimes, the classroom environment may not be suitable for studies as well. Keeping all these possible issues in mind, more and more online IIT coaching centers are coming up. These coaching centers provide online classroom modules, question-answer sessions as well as mock tests to prepare for the final examination. Few of the well-known online coaching centers are given below:

KAYSONS EDUCATION (http://www.kaysonseducation.co.in/ )

MISOSTUDY (https://www.misostudy.com/ )

ETOOSIndia (https://www.etoosindia.com/index.do )

PLANCESS (https://www.plancess.com/ )

MOTION (http://www.motioniitjee.com/edustore/iit-jee-online-coaching )

BANSAL CLASSES (http://www.bansal.ac.in/ )

AAKASH ITUTOR (https://www.aakashitutor.com/ )

AskIITians (https://www.askiitians.com/ )

Toppersnotes (https://www.toppersnotes.com/ )

TURNING POINT INSTITUTE (https://turningpointedu.org/about-us/ )

Apart from these, students with monetary constraint can access video classes and free study materials from FREE IIT COACHING (http://www.freeiitcoaching.com/ ).



Each and every IIT online coaching varies in some way or the other. Some of the general features of these institutes are:

Most online IIT coaching centers are founded by IITians only. IIT entrances are not only about merit but also about effectively managing time. People who have cracked IITs understand the time management in regards to attempting questions well. Hence startups by the IITians to pave the way for future IITians attract several students across India.

Many online coaching centers provide free videos and study materials while some of them provide a one month or two-month free trial access to study materials and videos. Due to this system, a student gets a variety of options to select an online course suitable to his needs.

There are a variety of course modules and programs available under different kinds of packages. One can go for a 1-year consolidated program for IIT preparation while some others can take a complete package of two years as well. The package for most online coaching sites varies between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 33,000. However, some free materials is always available for students with financial issues.

The main reason for studying in online coaching for IIT preparations is that it saves a lot of time for the student. The online platform also gives classroom exposure via live class videos, provide interaction opportunities and 1000+ questions and answers to practice from.

Since the faculties for these coaching institutes are mostly from IIT, they can mentor the students well in their preparation process. Even students from different states can interact and solve problems together during the preparatory phase.

It is important to understand how to use shortcuts to solve complex mathematical problems and how to finish the overall JEE question paper. The IITians put a lot of hard work and effort to keep things perfect and help the interested students to fulfill their dreams.

How to start online coaching for IIT JEE for your institute in most effective manner?

The revenue earned from teaching IIT students online varies disproportionately. Given the scarcity of time and development of modern technology, we predict that there will be more and more online coaching institutes for IIT entrances across India. At one point in time, most of the students will rely on online classrooms classes in order to save more time for self -study. As the competition among such institutes rises, the variation in revenue generation will continue.

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