How Indian UPSC or IAS test prep coaching institutes are using online videos ?

India is a country of over 1.2 billion people, with a literacy rate of about 80%. Becoming a civil servant means to be in top 500 people for that year and it is really a one in a million possibility. With each passing year, UPSC can be considered as the most difficult entrance exam, first owing to the diverse subjective nature of paper and second the tough selection ratios.So, though “Hard work is key to success” is a common term, just hard work for such a competitive (probably the most in the world) does not guarantee selection. Here is where, the UPSC coaching institutes come into pictures, they add smart work to the aspirants’ hard work and increase chances for selection. Of course, they come at quite a cost. The current article explores online medium for imparting this UPSC test prep education.

  • How effective it can be?
  • What can be cost savings for the aspirant?
  • What can be the new revenue opportunities for institutes?
  • How can online video learning add more value to existing offline students?
  • What are the already successful stories out there in the market?

So let us dig in deep with following points –

The potential for a wider audience

With the growth of digital India, most of the population has access to smartphone and an affordable internet connection. That’s all you need for an IAS online coaching. A larger population resides in tier 2-3 cities of India, they spend money to travel to metro cities for a better learning experience. Such an audience can be easily catered through online video classes.

As the number of aspirants preparing for the exam is increasing, the number of institutes providing coaching, the quantity of study material & test series is also increasing. If you are in business for long time, though it increases your brand but it also increases pressure to deliver consistent results on year on year basis. And if it is a new venture, you need to earn trust of parents and teachers, to be able to garner the initial audience.

IAS coaching institutes can gain trust of students by preparing a series of free short video lectures and students can enroll for paid long-term course base don that.

Cost Efficient

Needless to say, online video lectures save a lot by eliminating the costs of classrooms, extra teachers for students. Video recording tools are becoming more and more accessible, small business owners are even seen to be starting from their laptops with video recording and screen recording tools.

Increased Revenue

Since online video coaching for IAS classes opens the access to students across the country and even students from other institutes just targetting some specific course, It surely adds to revenues. If the cost economics of what has to be spent to setup a website, lecture recording system and video streaming is seen and compared to say an addition of 500 to 10,000 new online students, per unit economics, comes out to be quite profitable.

Interactive Learning, Personalisation through videos for IAS coaching

Interactive video players are available to help students engage through a lecture at a slower or faster pace; revisit concepts and submit feedback on the content. Detailed analytics on student interaction is available to content creators to help them continuously improve their content.

The classroom can be used for queries, Online for theoretical lectures

It is not just that online video lectures for IAS coaching will help new distant students. A flipped classroom model can be implemented where the class lectures are used for question-solving while lectures can be used for theoretical content.  It will lead to better utilization of time.

Security from video piracy, Ensuring content protection

While all the above looks attractive, the most common concern of IAS video creators is protection from piracy. Since there are so many free downloaders available to get content and users also tend to share their login access, content piracy can lead to major loss of revenue.
High-end DRM encryption, viewer-specific watermarking, screen capture blocking, and restriction to user watch time are all core features of VdoCipher product to eliminate video piracy. A free 30 day trial is available here.

Successful use cases across India

There has been a rapid increase in the number of institutes coming online for content and also the content catalogue is ever increasing. Some of the popular use cases are,, BYJUs, RankersClasses.

Ready to launch online course selling platform: Highest security from piracy

Audience will be delighted to know that VdoCipher is launching a ready to sell video course platform for users. Website, payment gateway, user management, video server, Encryption and watermarking restriction; everything will be a part of it.

More features and trial registration can be done here.


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