Secure Video Streaming API: VdoCipher for Developers

We are happy to release a new set of full-solution streaming APIs for our secure video streaming service. In this blog article, I’ll mention the common business use case which generally developers use with our streaming API. The links to the new set of APIs and sample codes are also given.

  1. Secure Video Embed

    Encrypted Streaming + Backend authentication with an OTP to prevent video download and sharing is the key essential feature we provide as part of our secure video streaming service.

    Please visit Embed API and sample codes in section 9 of this blog to see how to embed secure streaming videos.

  2. Dynamic Watermark configuration

    Dynamic watermarking prevents video piracy via screen capture methods. Viewer specific watermark configuration for type of watermark, movement, color and size can be customized using watermark api.

  3. Upload from various sources

    To help you manage your video content we offer various options for optimal video ingestion and video management. VdoCipher supports video upload from the desktop, server, URL and FTP. The upload api can be found at the updated API page.

  4. Tagging Videos

    Video tags are one of the key elements used for categorising videos. Multiple video management needs multiple tags to better categorise and search. The tagging api can be found here.

  5. Searching Videos

    APIs to enable video search from names and tags can be found here.

  6. Upload from website for your viewers

    Enterprise customers can have their own customers upload videos directly on our site. This can be implemented with APIs using these links.
    Upload from viewer api
    Upload APIs 

  7. Setting Bitrates, Checking video status

    Both of the points 8,9 are available at video apis with vdocipher.

  8. Sample codes for php & asp

The below mentioned blog archives provide a complete list of blogs on api details and also some codes in asp and php.

All API blogs – Contain 14 articles

Some sample php codes (3 articles)

Some sample asp codes (4 articles)


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