Load video files from public ftp server

Videos upload from local computer can be a tedious job unless you have a very good upload speed. Often our customers have to upload TBs of content from their public servers. Here we list two methods of load videos directly from your servers to your VdoCipher account.

Option 1: FTP upload

This option requires your server to expose ftp access from public servers.

  • Go to your dashboard and choose import from FTP. Enter the server ip, username and password to login to your server.
  • You shall see a list of files on your home account of ftp server. Navigate to the folders using breadcrumbs.
  • When there will be a video file, you can see an import button. Click on the import button to import the video.

After import, these videos will now be reflected on your dashboard. It shall take some time for the video to get ready. You can also poll the API to know the processing state.

Option 2: HTTP URL

If your server is capable of generating http URL to the video files, you can use the url import feature to add videos to your VdoCipher account.

  • Generate publicly accessible http(s) URLs to the videos. Make sure these videos are accessible for at least next 48 hours.
  • Login to your VdoCipher account and choose import from url.
  • Enter the list of urls with line break as delimiter.
  • Click import button and wait for message box to display the status. These videos shall be added to your account and will take time to process.

If the above methods does not work for your case, let us know in the comments below.

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