Change video poster image in your secure video

We have added an easy way for changing the poster image for your videos. New images can now be uploaded right from your dashboard.

The poster image of a video changes the way user engages with the video. Poster image is the image that is displayed right before video. User has to click on this poster image or a play button over it to start playing the video. It is usually the first thing viewer will notice on page or the screen and will affect their engagement. A good poster image is one which shows ample information about the content of the video while arousing the curiosity of the viewer to click and start watching the video.

In the VdoCipher Dashboard click on the Edit button (marked by pencil). This is where you can also edit the videos title, description or add tags to the video.

At the bottom most, you shall see an option to upload new image. Once uploaded, the new poster will be enabled(shown as a bright blue border around the image). It is recommended to use a poster image of the same dimension as your video. Note that the video as well as the poster image will be letterboxed ( If the aspect ratio does not match black bars will be added to best fit the image).

If the new images do not look quite good, you can always click and select from the list of uploaded poster images.

A more detailed guide to the VdoCipher dashboard is available here Video Management through Dashboard. You can update the Poster Image using the API as detailed in the blog on API v3.

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