Tag your videos and search using API

[Update 30 May 2018: This blog explains tagging and video search for API version 2. We have since released API Version 3, which has different HTTP endpoints. You can refer to this blog on how to add tags to videos and search using tags. While API version 2 continues to be supported, we recommend that you use API v3 to automate your video workflow.]

Tags are keywords to search and categorize videos using some video meta. The tag your videos system  system is very much similar to the tagging in WordPress. Tags can be used to create relational content on your website without the need for a dedicated database for maintaining your categories or any hierarchy that you might need.

Tagging is a many-to-many relationship since you can tag multiple videos with multiple tags. Tags are 6-32 letter words which can be used to categorize your videos.

Use cases: Tagging can be used to structure you video based website. Videos can be tagged according to artists or subject of video and they can then be listed based on tag search.

Code to tag your videos


This API call supports adding tags in bulk to multiple videos. This mean you can just create a list and a list of tags to all the given videos. Simply add another tag[] parameter to add two tags at the same time.

Note that this http request shall follow the general structure of other API calls. The account secret key is to be passed as a POST parameter.

Listing videos belonging to a particular tag is as easy. Just pass a GET parameter for search[tag] to the /videos? API call and specify the tags that you like to be listed.


What’s cooking:

We shall be using tags in more than one features that we are going to launch. It shall form the basis for organizing and labelling your videos.

  1. Upload directly from your website
  2. New Dashboard folders and organization(yes! we are working on an improved dashboard)
  3. CMS plugins video management
  4. More selling options.
  5. Nested tags. Tag your tags to create a folder-like structure

How do you think tags are useful? What more do you like to see on the tags? We shall love to hear your views and opinions in the comments below.

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