PHP implementation of VdoCipher API

Update 5 June 2018 This implementation of VdoCipher Secure Streaming API is updated for latest API version v3, and for latest player version 1.6.4. A previous version of the blog used API v2. While we still support API version v2 we recommend that you use API v3 as part of your video workflow. If you have any queries regarding API v2 please do get in touch with us at The complete VdoCipher API reference is available here. A sample video-based workflow for your website is suggested here.

Here is a PHP code to use VdoCipher API along with dynamic watermarking. You need to pass the video ID to the vdo_embed function in embed_code.php and the your API secret key to the $api_key variable in vdo_embed.php. The code should work out of the box after editing the details. The sample code is so structured that you only need to add vdo_embed.php once to your file system, and enter the embed code given in embed_code.php at each instance of video player.

The structure of annotation JSON is described in the link : Add text to videos with watermark. To add user details you can create a $userdetail variable which will collect user-identifiable information such as name and email address from your website database, and append it to the watermark.

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