How to upload & embed videos with VdoCipher ?- Tutorial



Transcript for the video mentioning steps (Subtitles already included)

  1. Welcome to VdoCipher. Here is a quick guide to help you upload and embed videos securely with vdocipher. First Login and go to dashboard, videos can be uploaded from desktop, Vimeo pro, ftp, dropbox, box, url , Amazon S3 etc.
  2. While uploading video from desktop ensure that you don’t close or refresh or click on some other thing on tab. Please upload maximum 4-5 of videos in a go, more then that might have problem with some internet connection or browser issues.
  3. Once the video is uploaded, the way to check if it is fully uploaded is wait for sometime until it shows queued or processing. Once the video is ready (showing queued or processing), you can close tab and proceed for other work.
  4. Once the video is encrypted and encoded for all devices, it will show ready. Getting ready can take time as we need to encrypt and encode for 3 different versions on desktop, android and ios. And it also depends on the basis of length of video, number of videos.
  5. Once the video shows ready, you can see an embed button over it on left top side of player.Clicking on embed button will open the documentation for embed.
  6. If your site is made in wordpress, you can look at steps to embed and watermark videos by installing our plugin.
  7. If your site is made in code structures like php, asp , java, node Js, Ruby etc, then you can embed and authenticate using our APIs. Sample codes for common frameworks are available.
  8. If your site is in simple html or you don’t have much knowlege of your site backend, it is something static, then you can use the iframe. You can set the url expiry time from 1 hour to years, if you want it to be unlimited, you can set it to something like 10 years
  9. You can put the domain you want to whitelist like, please don’t use www, or https etc in this section. Certain ips and countries can be restricted to. You can go to watermark section to have ip, time etc can be watermarked. Transparency, size, color can be customized using the options. There is option of script/iframe for embedding. Iframe is the common option for all static websites.
  10. If your site is in some other backend like moodle etc, then contact us so that we can provide relevant integrations. Paste the generated code from iframe or api into your site and enjoy secure streaming playback on your site.You can mail us at or site chat for any support required in integration. Our tech team will be able help you in short period of time.