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Import videos from

We have just added support for imports. If you can upload your videos to, you can import videos directly from

Steps to Import Videos from Box.Com

  1. In your dashboard, go to Import from and choose “Add from Box”. This will open a new pop-up window on
  2. You should be able to choose your video file by selecting the check box. You can select multiple files at the same time.
  3. On clicking choose, we shall take up the list of videos and add it to your dashboard. The video will come with Queued status at the beginning.
  4. You can have a cup of coffee now.
  5. Return in some time and your videos will be ready. You can now embed these videos in your website or mobile app. Click here to read more on embedding options and how our secure embed code makes it impossible somebody to grab the embed URL. If your videos are on Amazon S3 you can import directly to VdoCipher dashboard using these instructions.

VdoCipher import videos from pop window screenshot

VdoCipher import from select from box file picker screenshot

Auto play, Loop Video, Time Calculation, Custom Video Player

Many a times, video streaming sites look to autoplay the video through the video player as soon as the page is loaded. Also, you may wish to loop the media in the video player and present the content again and again to the same viewer. It is generally desired that the bandwidth does not get consumed again on the same page when a video is repeated.

Some of you may want to hide player skin or use custom colors and controls for the video player. Certain times, you will need to get total time viewed by each viewer for each video to put certain restrictions on the user.

VdoCipher along with secure video streaming aims to give a complete suite to our customers to make a custom player. Here are the details for the following functionalities. Do check our embed api first to see how to embed videos.

  1. Autoplay in video player

    Here is the code –

    window.onVdoCipherAPIReady = function(){
       var videos = vdo.getObjects(); // use global variable vdo to query
       var video = videos[videos.length - 1];
       video.addEventListener('loaded', function(){
           video.start(); // set video to autoplay

    Just add this to your HTML will cause the video to autoplay

  2. Loop Video in player – Replay the video when it reaches end

    window.onVdoCipherAPIReady = function(){
       var videos = vdo.getObjects(); // use global variable vdo to query
       var video = videos[videos.length - 1];
       video.addEventListener('end', function(){
  3. Time Calculation per video playback

<div id="vdo<?= $OTP ?>" style="height: 300px; width: 520px;"></div>
<input type="text" id="totalPlayed" value="" />

/// this is the embed code

    (function(v,i,d,e,o){v[o]={}; v[o].a = v[o].a || function V(a){ (v[o].d=v[o].d||[]).push(a);};
    if(!v[o].l) { v[o].l=1*new Date(); a=i.createElement(d), m=i.getElementsByTagName(d)[0];
    a.async=1; a.src=e; m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m);}
        o: "<?= $OTP ?>",

/// this is the script

function onVdoCipherAPIReady(){
    console.log("VdoCipher API init");
    var videoObjects = vdo.getObjects();
    var video_ = videoObjects[0];
    video_.addEventListener("ready", function(data){
        console.log("ready event called" , data);
    video_.addEventListener("progress", function(data){
        document.getElementById('totalPlayed').value = data.totalPlayed;

Note: Make sure you are using the latest embed script in your code as described at

4. Some useful player events to capture

Returns the complete list of vdocipher videos ever loaded on page

var videoObjects = vdo.getObjects();

Go the proper index. In most cases, the last embedded video is required

var video_ = videoObjects[videoObjects.length -1];

Pause and Resume

video_.pause()               // pause
video_.resume()              // resume
Listening to events:
To get the start of a video –
var videos = window.vdo.getObjects();
var video = videos[videos.length - 1]; // use the last added video
video.addEventListener('start', function() {
    console.log('video has started');
Similarly. replace ‘start’ in the above code for the below events for –
  • “end”
  • “start”
  • “resume”
  • “pause”
  • “mute”
  • “unmute”
  • “changeVolume”

5. Custom Video Player – Beta Feature

This is the link to custom video player – the colors, controls, themes, call to actions on the video player all can be customized.

For a free full version 5GB  secure video streaming, custom video player trial, Sign up at VdoCipher.


Custom Video Player

Custom Video Player – Autoplay, Loop video

Business Video Alternative to Vimeo and YouTube

Why not to host videos on Vimeo and YouTube ?

Vimeo and YouTube have a free offering to help consumers and businesses host videos on either their own platform or on Vimeo/ YouTube directly. Still, many times businesses tend to choose options other than Vimeo and YouTube to better fulfill their requirements and make large revenues.

7 Reasons to choose VdoCipher instead of YouTube or Vimeo ?

  1. Secure Video Streaming

    Viewers can easily download videos from Vimeo and from YouTube,  using so many free tools, downloaders, plugins and hacks. VdoCipher encrypted video streaming ensures 100% download protection from piracy.

  2. Customers & Testimonials Ease of Video Management

    Vimeo and YouTube do not provide detailed aspects related to custom Video deletion, ID management, upload from server, FTP, URL, Dropbox or Tag-based video management. VdoCipher offers all these features through APIs and GUIs.

  3. Custom Bitrates , Custom player themes & controls

    Vdocipher unlike others allows you to set custom multiple bitrates, using a full enterprise level encoder for all devices. The Vdocipher player can be modified by developers to change controls, add call to actions, change color and fully provide the desired look and interaction.

  4. Enterprise level variety of APIs

    Sometimes, as part of your video hosting requirements you may require your customers to upload to a mid way portal and to manage streaming. Upload, embed, tagging, watermarking, security, user based authentication, licensing, lot of things need to be managed in an API workflow. VdoCipher is far ahead of vimeo or youtube in API offerings.

  5. Analytics

    Data for details of video playback, seek, pause, viewer variety, demographics, is what enterprises are looking through GUI and APIs. VdoCipher again one step ahead in fulfilling analytics requirement than its competitors.

  6. Specific solutions for education & media

    VdoCipher is inherently built for businesses. Due to vast experience of providing full packaged solutions to online education and media customers, the understanding and implementation is quick and revenue effective.

  7. Great Support

Email, phone, site chat , 24*7 availability for emergency cases, is what vdocipher strives for. Customers look to vdocipher for an awesome support and is thus far more reliable then its free competitors like vimeo & youtube.

Hear our customers saying few good things about us at – Customers & Testimonials

Forget Youtube, For Free full version 5 GB secure video streaming VdoCipher trial,  please register at –


Video Streaming Hosting VdoCipher

All these things, VdoCipher handles for you. Launch Today.

Demo: Encrypted + Watermark + Multi-Bitrate Streaming

Alternative to Wistia: VdoCipher- Secure & Affordable

VdoCipher is a great alternative to Wistia. VdoCipher offers 100% protection against video piracy matched by none other competitors in world. Wistia videos can be easily downloaded, while VdoCipher stands firm against any downloader or plugin. No hack or tool can download and pirate videos from VdoCipher, unlike Wistia. Here are the key differentiators. Wistia has premium offering starting from $960 per year , while with us, you can start with just $199 per year. 5x Cheaper with Much Higher Security.


VdoCipher – Alternative to Wistia


Security (Encryption) Full Encrypted Streaming: 100% prevention from all downloaders. Progressive smooth streaming Standard streaming – Stream not fully encrypted.  Downloadable through many free downloaders available on web.
Security (Watermark) Viewer Specific moving watermark – Email id, user id, ip. Deters Screen captures No watermarking feature
Pricing Annual plan starting from $199 Annual plans starting from $960
Great Support Site chat, Phone call, email support guaranteed. For urgent cases , 24*7 helpline number, All at no extra costs Instant support not available for all plans

Learn more about how other OVPs may be misleading you about their security features, and how VdoCipher secure streaming solution ensures 100% protection against video piracy. Find out more about the full security feature set that VdoCipher offers.

Demos – Encryption, Viewer Specific Watermark

Find out how to add text to videos with Watermark. You can also create the watermark script directly from the Dashboard.

Register and start a free full version trial at VdoCipher

Import Video from Wistia

Import video directly from Wistia for secure video hosting

Import your videos directly from Wistia for secure video hosting

Find out how to import your videos directly from Wistia to VdoCipher without the need for downloading.

About VdoCipher Streaming Video Hosting Offerings

Use VdoCipher for secure video hosting

VdoCipher is a secure video streaming solution catering to e-learning and media business across 6 continents. We offer a full stack solution for businesses to host and stream video content in the most secure, smooth & affordable manner.

  • We use AWS+Akamai to host content on servers and CDNs distributed worldwide.
  • We have developed our own proprietary encrypted streaming technology to prevent piracy.
  • We also support watermarking for branding and for deterring screen captures.
  • Our dashboard is designed to ensure easy video management.
  • Our range of APIs & upload options ensure that you can launch your videos with minimal time and effort.
  • We provide detailed daily analytics to track your business
  • We support optimized multi-bitrate encoding to stream content at low bitrates across Asia & Africa
  • Our custom player is designed to suit your site theme and target audience
  • Caters E-learning and Media companies with suitable customizations.

With the impressive feature set explained above, VdoCipher enables you to have full control over your videos while having a vast array of features to use.Streaming Media Europe Winner 2016: Alternative to Wistia

We are proud to be 2016 Reader’s Choice Winner in prestigious Streaming Media Magazine 

As Best Alternative to Wistia, Start Full Version Free Trial at

Alternative to Wistia: Infrastructure & Features for secure video hosting

Alternative to Wistia: Infrastructure & Features for secure video hosting


ASP implementation of VdoCipher API

Here is a classic ASP code to use VdoCipher API along with dynamic watermarking. You need to simply put in the right client_secret_key and the correct video_id ( the phrase in caps in both files )

The code should work out of the box after extracting inside ASP server and replacing secret_key and video_id.

The structure of annotation JSON is described in the link : Add text to videos with watermark