Joomla video plugin to secure videos with VdoCipher

We now have a Joomla video plugin which lets you embed vdocipher videos from inside your Joomla website. Joomla is a quite popular content management system. The thousands of extensions contributed by the ever-increasing Joomla community has made it more and more easy to create complicated websites in Joomla. It was always imperative for us to offer a joomla video plugin which makes it easy to embed vdocipher protected videos inside a Joomla website.

VdoCipher plugin for Joomla provides an easy way to embed your VdoCipher protected videos on a Joomla website. VdoCipher Joomla video plugin does all the required API calls so that all you need to do is add an embed code in the article content. It makes back-end API calls to generate access tokens required for video playback.

Extension Download

Installation Instructions for VdoCipher Joomla video plugin

  1. Upload the extension file to the manage extensions page.
  2. Go to plugin Manager and search for VdoCipher.
  3. Click on VdoCipher to open parameters page.
  4. Enter your API secret key in the given field. (You can find the API Secret Key in the Config section of your dashboard. )
  5. On saving, your plugin is ready for used.

Getting Stated To get started, you need to create an account on, After creating the account, you can find the API Secret Key in the Config section of your dashboard. You will need this api_secret_key to use this plugin. Upload videos to your dashboard or import them from URLs or Dropbox.

  1. The plugin is short-code based. i.e. you can embed videos inside any content (e.g. article)
  2. To add a video with id “aaaaaaaa” use the short-code [vdo id=aaaaaaaa height=350 width=700] . You can further adjust the height and width according to your requirements.

At VdoCipher we handle the hosting and streaming technology. You are free to code any viewing logic and use any payment gateway for your customers into your video-commerce platform. Once you add your video to an article content, you can add access restrictions to this article using any plugin.

PS1 php5-curl need to be installed on the server for this plugin to work.

PS2: If you are adding VdoCipher to show video without logging in i.e. on a public page, aggressive caching might be a problem. Some cache control mechanisms, save the rendered articles as HTML. However, our API expires the access token within 5-10 minutes which can prevent playback.

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