Paywall and Content Restriction

Paywall refers to sections of a website that are only accessible for paying subscribers.

Most online subscription websites implement a paywall to ensure that exclusive content is only accessible to paying subscribers. Paywall then refers to the user login and management system, and also the ability to restrict the content to only users registered on your website/ app.

Most membership systems, such as Memberful and WPeMember, manage the user registration and user access parts. A DRM system, on the other hand, restricts who can watch paywalled videos, for which reason it is also quite critical to monetize paywalled content.

SVOD websites such as Netflix and Prime Video incorporate both paywall and DRM system for their premium videos. Likewise VdoCipher's VOD platform builder can be used by content creators to build their own website directly that would enable new users to register and pay for access to the creator's content. Our VOD platform builder already incorporates our DRM video player, so that you can build a fully-featured and functional video-based website.

To enable new users to sample their content, many content sites allow a first-click free system, wherein the first few videos / pages that the user goes to can be accessed for free. Or alternately they can make available a sample of their content for free to all users, so that prospective new users will be attracted towards subscribing to their service.