WordPress is a free Content Management System that is used to build fully functional and customizable websites

WordPress is a free and open-source web framework that is used to create new websites with minimal development effort. WordPress websites require very little coding, and functionalities can be added using plugins, while website designs can be changed using themes.

WordPress plugins can be both free and paid. Most paid plugins are worth the expenditure, as they can add enormous functionality to your website. Functionalities include being able to create new kind of content, communicating with different web APIs for added functionalities, and to transform user input into interactive content.

WordPress has a rich ecosystem of developers, meaning that for almost any functionality that you require there would be a plugin available fulfilling that requirement. For instance, for premium video-based sites that implement a paywall, you can add a membership management system such as eMember or Memberful. These Membership management systems would restrict site pages to only authorized users who have successfully registered on your website. All your user management functionalities can be configured using these plugins.

VdoCipher provides a free WordPress plugin using which you can integrate VdoCipher videos to your website. Our API-based OTP authentication mechanism is implemented inside the WordPress plugin, so you can just embed videos to your webpage using our one-line shortcode, or by using the WordPress block editor interface.

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