How GOT video leak could have been prevented with VdoCipher

Prevent pre-release leaks using dynamic watermarking feature from VdoCipher ?

Game of Throne is one of the most popular TV series currently. The first four episodes of the series started making their way around the Internet Saturday night after being uploaded to several Torrent sites, a day before the official Sunday première. The four leaks seem to originate from a screener sent to reviewers and translators ahead of the show’s launch. Below link give  a detailed news.

The main thing to notice here is that video seems to be downloaded using an external camera which explains poor quality of leakage. There is a watermark at the bottom which is blurred using video editing tool.

How using VdoCipher for pre-release video sharing could have been helpful ?

1. Create a movie sharing site with login system( user id and password for each of your user ). The number of pre-release viewers would be in range of 100.

2. Now the translators and technical persons all can watch the videos for reviews and suggestions. Use dynamic watermarking feature provided by VdoCipher.

3. VdoCipher Security – The stream is encrypted , so video download is not possible. The viewers mail id , username , ip address , the current time of playback can be flashed on the player. Unlike the leaked movie , VdoCipher has below special features.

  • The watermark is user specific
  • The watermark is moving continuously. (Flashed every few seconds)
  • The watermark can be customized. ( size, color, transparency, time period for flashing.)
  • All this ensures that the watermark can not be removed from the video and also it does not cause irritation to the viewer.

4. Demo – Here is a demo link that shows VdoCipher’s watermarking feature. It is flashing the ip address and mail id. Mail id is kept static  It can be set to moving if desired.. ip address is continuously moving. The colour , position, size , periodicity of motion ,transparency everything can be customized with a simple code mentioned in blog.

Dynamic water-marking with VdoCipher demo

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