Our Vision

We envision the internet as a place with rich and quality content, where the artists and course creators are not afraid to share their creation with the world, an internet where the contributors are recognized and have an incentive for creating great content. Premium video creators are afraid of releasing their content on the internet due to piracy. Our mission is to contribute to the video playback technology in making the internet a more content-rich place.

What we do?

  • VdoCipher provides innovative video tech solutions for education & media businesses to help them serve content on their site/app with Hollywood grade security, refinement, and functionalities. 
  • A combination of Hollywood standard DRMs directly licensed with Google & Apple & proprietary viewer specific watermarking ensure highest security. 
  • VdoCipher serves 1500+ customers across 30+ countries. We have won the best DRM video security company award by Streaming Media Magazine, Europe. We also serve as technical partner to AWS. 
  • Global Partners & Recognition
    Meet Our Team
    Siddhant Jain
    Cofounder & CEO
    Siddhant co-founded VdoCipher with Vibhav while still in college in 2015. Meditation & Yoga is what keeps Siddhant going; he has varied interest in marketing, sales & product development.
    Vibhav Sinha
    Cofounder & CTO
    Brain behind all VdoCipher innovations, Vibhav eats and sleeps code. A physics and astronomy enthusiast; Vibhav actively works on video delivery technology, security and high volume data transfer using cloud.
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