Our features

Encrypted Streaming

Proprietary encrypted video streaming technology ensures that no downloader, plugin can grab your content. Highest security from video piracy.
Encrypted Streaming Details
Are other video hosting services fooling you for security?

Watermarking & DRM

Viewer specific moving/static watermark - ip, email, user id, phone. Tim expiry for urls, IP-Geo Restriction, Multi device DRM with highest security in market.
Dynamic Watermark Demo

Buffer retention

Seek back or forth without losing buffer – minimal bandwidth usage for both you and viewers. Ensures smooth playback at all internet speeds.

Customizable player

Buffer retention to minimize bandwidth Change Color, Themes, Size, MPML Multi-bitrate Whitelabel player


Pay only for the bandwidth and storage incurred. Buy separately bandwidth and storage credits. No fixed monthly costs. Get maximum value for your money


Detailed analysis of video and viewer statistics. Know your most popular videos. Demographics for video plays provide useful insights.

Upload from Anywhere

Upload from desktop, mobile, dropbox, Server, url, ftp, vimeo. Use dashboard or API.

Device compatibility

Reach to audience worldwide on every device. Apps for android and IOS systems. HTML 5 support for ease of playback.

Custom poster frame

Choose poster image for you videos according to your site aesthetics. Choose brand name and logo as thumbnail for brand promotion

Customer support

VdoCipher support is just one email away. You can contact us at info@vdocipher.com for any custom requirement.

Developer friendly API

Automate your workflow with detailed APIs, Embed, Transcode, Tag, Search. Ready to use codes available. Link - Try Here

Easy Dashboard

Upload , Transcode, encrypt, custom thumbnail, custom encoding, analytics, usage reports all from dashboard.