VdoCipher featured in Global Media : Germany, Switzerland, Nigeria

VdoCipher has fast emerged as the first choice for content creators to secure their video content from piracy. As emerging and developing countries look to scale up their education infrastructure, content creators have chosen VdoCipher to protect their content. Our customers most value the revenue safety that we provide – our feature set which includes DRM, backend authentication and Dynamic watermarking provides them much needed peace of mind with regard to maintaining exclusive control to their videos.Our most popular product by far remains our High secure DRM + WordPress plugin, using which customers can go live within days of shooting their videos.

We have in recent months been covered by Global publications – cybersecurity intelligence magazine asmag.com, and Nigeria’s most widely read newspaper The Punch.

VdoCipher’s network of CDNs – we use Amazon’s Cloudfront + Akamai, ensures that users across the world can seamlessly stream HD videos. Our custom encoding workflow ensures that videos take up the minimum required bandwidth, helping our users reach their customers in locations where internet connectivity is poor. We also provide secure downloads on Android app, which is highly valued by viewers who wish to watch videos unconstrained by the quality of internet network.

We feel happy to justify our customer’s faith in us, and look to herald the video revolution by enabling revenue security for every content creator.

Here is a product  video story for VdoCipher.


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