DRM Encrypted Streaming

DRM encrypted video streaming technology ensures that no downloader, plugin can grab your content. Highest security from video piracy with Google Widevine & Apple FairPlay DRM.

Watermarking to Deter Screen Capture

Viewer specific moving/static watermark with email, user id, IP, time stamp. Customise color, speed, transparency, size for watermark. Secure dynamic urls, Geo Restriction.

Piracy Tracker & Identification Analytics

Find out which users are sharing their credentials, attempting piracy and causing revenue loss. Monitor engagement of your course/video. Track every user's watch time, session data, and video heatmaps.

Custom Video Player

Make your player yours with our Customizable video player with easy toggles, Speed change, Forward/rewind, Multi-quality adaptive & Responsive player, Add Subtitles.

Amazon AWS Server + CDN

AWS powered server, transcoding & CDN infrastructure to ensure smooth playback across 6 continents.

Live Stream

Live stream your content globally by integrating VdoCipher with your website or app within 5 mins. You also get authenticated and anonymous chat option as well. You can scale up to 100,000 viewers in single session.

Plugins For Wordpress & Moodle

Quickly integrate with popular CMS with DRM + watermark securty. Works well with other wordpress based LMSes and ensures highest security.


Enhance your users' streaming experience with our video APIs and SDKs. Comprehensive documentation and dedicated developer support. We support Web, Native, Flutter, React Native, multiple languages and Plugins for WordPress and Moodle.

Upload From Anywhere

Upload from desktop, Dropbox, Drive, Server, AWS, url, Ftp, Use dashboard or APIs to automate the upload process. You can also use APIs to upload from your website/app. Minimum 5 users supported by default.

Device Compatibility

Reach to audience worldwide on Desktop, Android , IOS. SDK Integration support for Android and IOS Native apps. HTML 5 adaptive player for ease of playback.

Easy Dashboard

Dashboard to upload/import videos, configure security settings, customise thumbnail, subtitle, organise in folders, get video analytics etc.

Customer Support

VdoCipher support is always near. You can contact us via Support portal inside dashboard for any custom requirement.

Play Integrity SDKs

With our Play Integrity,for mobile apps, you can stop playback on emulators, block on most rooted devices, block duplicate apps and protection against application tampering .