Widevine DRM is Google's DRM licensing technology for streaming encrypted videos in Chrome, Android and Chromecast

Widevine is Google’s DRM technology used by all OTT services (including Netflix, Prime Video and Hulu) for streaming premium videos on Chrome and Firefox browsers, Android and Chromecast.

Widevine provides a key management system (via the Widevine License server), and a secure Content Decryption Module (CDM) which processes content keys used for decrypting video in the user device.

Google’s Widevine spec comprises of three levels of security -

  • Widevine Level 1 is the highest security profile in the Widevine DRM spec, and provides Hardware-level decryption. DRM videos cannot be screen-recorded on devices where Widevine L1 is present. Most Android devices support Widevine L1 spec.
  • Widevine Level 2 is the Widevine Security profile in which content decryption is hardware based, but video processing and video rendering are done outside the trusted execution environment. The DRM system has a secure computing zone in the processor.
  • Widevine Level 3 is the Widevine security profile available where CDM is only implemented on a software level, such as in Chrome browsers

All videos streamed through VdoCipher use Widevine, Fairplay and Playready encryption to reach maximum number of devices. We also provide on-premises Widevine DRM licensing servers that you can include as part of your own video streaming infrastructure.