Video Post-Production

Video Post-Production is the process of converting raw video footage to the final produced video

Whereas video production is the stage wherein the video material is generated, the post-production process is just as critical. Video post-production is the process of transforming raw video footage to include all the content that the user wants to watch.

Sound-mixing, graphics, transitions, and essentially all kind of after effects added to the video are part of the post-production process. In the world of online video the definition of post-production can be expanded to include the process of preparing videos for different video platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

Video editing is one of the steps in the video post-production process. During video editing material from the raw video footage that has been shot is selected to generate a coherent video file. It is common for video creators to shoot much more footage than needed. The best takes for each shot, and the specific shots as well, are selected during the video editing process. Popular post-production software for editing are Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premier Pro.

After-effects such as animations, graphics and transitions considerably help in creating high quality videos. Adobe After Effects is one of the most popular software tools used for post-production affter effects. Camtasia is a very popular elearning software, that can be used to record, edit and add after effects to screencast videos.