Google Widevine DRM

DRM encryption security

What is Google Widevine DRM ?
Widevine is Google's DRM licensing & encryption technology which helps OTT services(like Netflix, Hotstar) & Ed-tech platforms to secure their premium content on Chrome, Firefox, Edge browsers on Desktop, Android Apps & Android TV. It is the highest encryption security available and is much more secure than other commonly available encryption technologies.

Widevine partnership with VdoCipher involves:
-A dedicated infrastructure to handle Widevine encryption and decryption APIs.
-Direct partnership with Google which involves the training of employees by the Widevine team.
-Modification in streaming protocols and video player to support Widevine DRM security.

While using VdoCipher, everything is taken care of by VdoCipher in terms of Widevine implementation. All plans including free trial plans include Widevine DRM integrated. Whenever you upload a video, it is automated encrypted with Widevine DRM encryption. During playback, complete transfer of content is thus DRM encrypted. When viewer clicks on the play button, the video is finally decrypted inside our player.