Experience API

Experience API is an API standard used by elearning systems to record students' learning experience.

All online learning activities done by a student are recorded in a Learning Record Store (LRS) using the Experience API. The LRS is a centralized database that has details of all learning activities across different elearning systems and learning material used by students.

Experience API, also known as Tin Can API, has been designed to succeed SCORM. Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), has been the de facto industry standard for Learning Management Systems (LMS), as any SCORM content can be used across any SCORM-compliant LMS.

SCORM is an XML based Standard. XML-based web standards have been succeeded by APIs that instead primarily use JSON, which is simpler than JSON, to enable communication across applications.

Experience API has been designed to record a greater number of learning activities, and not necessarily just the activities that students perform on a computer online. The Experience API can be used to track offline learning as part of blended learning, and can also record real-world performance, thereby giving educators the ability to get a far broader picture of student’s learning process. The simplified data formats in Experience API make learning ability of students accessible using deep analytics.

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