Video Encryption Software

Video encryption software helps to encodes your video so that it can not be accessed by anyone without the encryption key. This stops any unwanted view or even download of the video. Ultimately making sure that you don't lose revenue from piracy.

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Why should you use Video encryption software?

With video piracy continuously growing and affecting the revenue of video platforms, it is high time you think about stopping it.

A video encryption software stops this by encrypting your videos so that pirates can’t get access to your videos.

VdoCipher: Hollywood Grade To Stop Video Piracy

How VdoCipher Helps In Video Protection?

Encrypted DRM Video Streaming:

With our video DRM technology, no one can download your videos using a plugin or any hacks.

Dynamic Watermarking

You can watermark Ip address, user id, email id, phone no, logo, text overlay to identify the source of the piracy. You can even customize the watermark in terms of their opacity, color, speed and size as well.

Screen Capture Blocking in Mobile Apps

VdoCipher mobile SDK integration default includes screen capture protection in both Android & IOS Apps. Screen capture protection in common browsers like Chrome, Firefox on desktop is not possible.

Server To Player Package

With Vdocipher you not only get video protection but we also provide Amazon AWS for Servers, CDN, Transcoding, Analytics, API, Dashboard, Plugins, Custom workflows. All these features further add to the security and make it easy to control your videos.

Smart Online Video Player

Get access to popular features such as subtitles, speed change, forward rewind options to your users. In case you provide an android app, you can also give an option to keep those videos for offline use without worrying about piracy.