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Folder Structure for Organizing Files and Data

A folder is a virtual location for applications, documents, data, or other sub-folders. Folders help in storing and organizing files and data on the computer. Keeping your files in order will save time and add to your productivity. The folder structure is simpler to visualize and it's easier for you to move to the right file quickly.

Unlike tags, and a video file can only belong to a single folder.

Folder id can be obtained from list folders API. Or it can be copied from dashboard as shown below. For top-level, the id is root

Sample folder structure​

πŸ“‚ root +
|- πŸ“‚ Tutorials +
| |- πŸ“‚ Premiun Lessions +
| | |- Video 1.mp4
| | |- Video 2.mp4
| |- Esisode 1.mp4
| |- Episode 2.mp4
|- πŸ“‚ Recordings +
|- Recording 1.mkv
|- Recodring 2.flv