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VdoCipher API Overview | Automate Video Asset Mangement

Automate your business with VdoCipher API

While VdoCipher has your back with streaming and transcoding, we provide you RESTful APIs for video asset management. Our APIs make it possible for you to create programmed pipelines to automate your business operations. In this website, you will find APIs covering most important video actions. We have grouped the APIs into three parts

  • Playback authentication
  • Video management
  • Automatic uploads

Here is the complete list of all APIs on swagger.

These API docs refer to V3 of VdoCipher APIs. If you are using older versions of our API please let us know if you have any specific queries. We like to thank our customers who used the API beta and provided valuable feedback and shared insights from their own business workflows. We welcome your suggestions and would love to hear your use-case so that we can improve the API in future versions.

In keeping with REST principles all API calls related to a specific video have to be made with the base URL{videoID}/