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Step 3 - Check Video Status

To find the status of your video you can send an HTTP GET request to{{videoID}}

The following are the status values that may be returned:

  • Pre-Upload - Upload policy has been returned (Step 1 is successful), but file is not yet uploaded (Step 2 not yet complete)
  • Queued - Video has been uploaded and is being encoded and encrypted (Step 1 and Step 2 complete)
  • ready - Video is ready for playback

Apart from video status, the video contains all details of the video. These include title, description, video upload time, video length, poster image URLs and associated tags.

"id": "1234567890",
"title": "zoo.mp4",
"description": "",
"upload_time": 15197xxxxx,
"length": 25,
"status": "ready",
"posters": [
"width": 854,
"height": 480,
"posterUrl": ""
"width": 427,
"height": 240,
"posterUrl": ""
"tags": [

Sample Code for Video List​

The sample video ID is written as {{videoID}}. Replace this with your video ID.

curl -X GET \{{videoID}} \
-H 'Accept: application/json'