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Overview of API based uploads

The upload API is especially built for users who prefer to automate their workflows around video ingestion. The upload API enables you to provide a dashboard to your content providers such that they can directly upload videos to your VdoCipher account.

It is no longer necessary for you to dedicate human hours to handling video assets, uploading raw files and waiting for them to get ready.

The upload API allows you to create temporary and limited access to your content providers to upload their content. You can also combine this with video tagging API to make sure that the uploaded video also contains tags according to the person who has uploaded content.


This is a two step process. In the first step, you obtain temporary authentication to upload a video. This also requires that you specify a title for the video in advance. The content-owner (in this case your website/app), uses the auth tokens to upload it directly to your account.

  • All this is a white-labelled service. That means the content owner does not have to interact with any VdoCipher webpage.

  • The workflow might seem to reflect that the auth token should be pre-loaded at the time of page load. It is actually better to handle this later with a bit of javascript to-and-fro.