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Configuration options

Using URL Parameters

Player can be configured using the URL parameter in iframe source. Example for setting custom primary color using URL parameter:


There are various options to configure, you just need to append the property along with its value in the src attribute value of iframe in embed code.

NameDefaultSample ValuesDescription
primaryColorFF0000&primaryColor=FFFF00 or &primaryColor=yellowSet the primary Color, value can be either in HEX Code (without # and in capital) or color name in lowercase
ccLanguageBrowser Language&ccLanguage=arSet the default language for the captions
litemodefalse&litemode=trueLoad the player in light mode. No license & media files are loaded until viewer clicks the play button
autoplayfalse&autoplay=trueEnable/Disable the video autoplay. Video will be muted.
controlson&controls=offCan be used to disable the UI controls of the player. Can be set to either on, off or native.
loopfalse&loop=trueauto loop the video at the end.