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Error events can occur while doing following tasks,

  1. Creating an asset.
  2. Playing an asset.
  3. Downloading an asset.

The handling of error events for all above tasks is different.

  1. Creating an asset

Method createAsset of VdoAsset accepts a closure which returns an error if the request is failed

  1. Playing an asset

Protocol AssetPlaybackDelegate has streamLoadError method that will be called if any error event occurs while initiating playback

  1. Downloading an asset.

Notification Center is extended to provide a notification with key AssetDownloadFailed in case any error occurs when download is initiated


Below are the possible error events that can occur when using iOS Native SDK.

CodeMessageMeaning & Resolution
3001Fairplay certificate request failed.Certificate could not fetch. Check if video can play in Safari on macOS if the FPS configuration is correct.
3002Empty license. Try again after some time.Unlikely to happen. Please ask the client for IP address and contact us.
3003License request failed to connect. Try again after some time.It occurs when license key is not returned by the server, report VdoCipher team if this event is encountered
3004Could not obtain license due to network errorIt occurs when the license request is failed because of some network related issues
3006Video is not enabled for this device.Video does not have the required profiles for iOS. Go to your Dashboard > iOS DRM Config; or contact us.
3007License Key Request failed.It occurs when license key is not returned by the server, report VdoCipher team if this event is encountered
3008Download is only supported with FPS Configuration.It occurs when startDownload() is called for non-fairplay enabled asset
3009Video meta-data load failed!It occurs when meta data request has failed
3010Rental Duration of this download has expired, Please download again to watch offlineIt occurs when playOffline is initiad but is failed because rental duration of the downloaded is expired
3011Asset Not LoadedIt occurs when play or download is initiated before asset is loaded
3012File Not Found!It occurs when downloaded file is deleted by either OS or by user
3013Unexpected credential error. Try again after some time.Unexpected credential error. Try again after some time.
3014Asset meta-data request failed! Check video id and player config id.It occurs when either video-id or the player config id are wrong
3015OTP do not support download capabilityIt occurs when download is initiated with an otp that is not configured for offline use
3016Playback Info passed to the SDK for the Vdo Asset is invalid. Try again with the valid playback info.It occurs when attempting to initiate online playback the given playback info is wrong
3017Unexpected error occured while processing the request. Try again after some time.It occurs when server unavailable
3018Unexpected error occured while loading the manifest. Try again after some time.It occurs when manifest fails to load
2xxxDynamic Message returned from serverLicense server denied access. Please check OTP and follow error message for resolution