VdoCipher Tour: Demo & Feature Webinar

 In this detailed Webinar, We will cover all the security , player and dashboard features. Integration via Iframe/API/Wordpress/Moodle will be explained. Please register as per your convenient time. 

  1. Security features in a gist
  2. Encrypted Hollywood DRM Widevine details
  3. Watermarking and Screen capture block details
  4. Comparison with Vimeo and others
  5. Player features
  6. Custom theme samples, Timeline change
  7. Dashboard overview
  8. Wordpress/Moodle plugin overview
  9. API integration overview
  10. Iframe integration overview
  11. Usage reports & Analytics
  12. Technical AWS detail overview -multiple files, CDN across 30+ countries
  13. Pricing plans and what exactly features differ in? Why bandwidth
  14. Customers/Testimonials/Awards
  15. Q/A.

Zoom links for Webinar Registration (Register in any, timezones for America, Europe, India/Asia)

  1. 4th February, Monday -  GMT  10:30 AM , IST (Indian Time)  4 PM

  2. 6th February, Wednesday-  GMT  01:30 PM,  Europe (Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna ) 2:30 PM

  3. 6th February, Wednesday -  GMT  07:00 PM,  Pacific Time ( USA and Canada) 11:00 AM